The Portal to Your Pain Relief

Imagine… living with FREEDOM from your pain.

It is time to leave behind

✓   Unrelenting neck pain, painful locked shoulders, lower back tension
✓   Pain that is persistent and recurring, that won’t resolve
✓   Feeling disconnected from yourself, your body, your life

There is no doubt that pain negatively colours your health, family life, livelihood, intimate relationships and even your friendships and social life.

I am committed to supporting YOU to find and resolve the
ROOT CAUSE of your body pain, so you too can live a vibrant life!

Your pain holds information,
it’s the doorway to what is underneath.
What lies behind your pain is an emotional
challenge or a life situation that is troubling you.

Imagine releasing the pain, tension, and fatigue and re-igniting
your life’s joy and vitality!

Your first step: 
Discover how you can embody a powerful alternative and become pain free in a Complimentary Exploratory Session with me.  You will spend 30 – 60 minutes on the phone with me as you gain clarity on your next step towards healing your pain.  The starting point is acknowledging your struggles with your pain. A solution will emerge that can move you towards being pain free.

Set Up My Exploratory Session With Tarnie

You will receive a questionnaire to fill in and return. That will assist me to be more focused during our session and reveal how to support you in your quest to heal your pain.
Once you return the form, you will get a confirmation of your appointment with Tarnie for a live one-on-one conversation where you can delve into your issues.

From there:
In our conversation together during your Exploratory Session, you and I will evaluate what will be the optimum next step for you to take in solving the challenges around your persistent pain.

Set Up My Exploratory Session With Tarnie

Releasing the recurring pain allows you to rediscover the heart of you – the calm, confident, fully-embodied, and sensuously alive feminine YOU.

Where Else Can You Get to Know Tarnie?
Sometimes, before you feel ready for a one-on-one exploratory session, you want more experience of your guide. Here are some additional opportunities to get to know Tarnie.

Every month, you can connect to Tarnie through her blog, where she shares new perspectives on interacting with your own body’s wisdom.

Note: We’d love your phone number so we can welcome you personally into our community. You will also stay connected via Tarnie’s Newsletter.  We never share your email address.

Experience Tarnie Virtually
Take 6 minutes for yourself to “Breathe and Connect” with Tarnie’s recent TEDx appearance. She had the honour of giving the participants at TEDxPasadenaWomen a deep dive experience to feel better and more relaxed. See Tarnie in action.

>>> Watch Here

Get Moving
If you are in the greater Los Angeles area, my Moving Meditation Class for Women offers you the opportunity to work with me in person. In this weekly class, we build practical embodiment experiences and heal your body pain.

Set Up My Exploratory Session With Tarnie

P.S.  I work with men, too
If you are man who wants to explore the deeper messages of your pain so you can become pain free and be less distracted by your pain, then sign up here for a complimentary Exploratory Session.
I will be glad to talk to you.

Start healing from your pain…

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Join me, Tarnie Fulloon, to unlock the deeper story to your pain. Access my two powerful and revealing audio tracks that support healing your pain for the very last time.

Listen and experience a taste of my approach. Allow yourself time to focus inward and listen to the wisdom of your body as you open the Doorway to Your Pain Relief!

Tarnie had a great opportunity to present at TEDxPasadena.
Check it out here!

Tarnie changes lives!

Tarnie, I wanted to thank you for all your healing ways. You really, truly helped me. I never thought my life could change so much, and I think being aware of how I’m treating myself, and how I’m treating my body has helped tremendously.

-G. Stone, Cario

I am so thankful that I came to Tarnie when I did.  Traditional therapy did not get to the root of the issues I was dealing with. Traditional therapy did not make the emotional and physical connections that Tarnie was able to help me work through.  
I have nothing but love and appreciation for Tarnie’s method of using a compassionate push to help me work thorough the many years of stuffing my emotions down and ignoring what was really going on.  

Today, I am on a positive path. Words like joy, fun, and happiness have returned to me once again.

-J. Webb

Tarnie Fulloon, PT, MA
Transformational Embodiment Mentor
Greater Los Angeles Area, CA