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When persistent pain and issues get in the way of living with wealth, abundance, vitality and joy….

When you have tried everything and still have not shifted in your life, there has been no relief…

Now… Imagine your life full of wealth, abundance and free of your pain (physical and/or emotional)

As a former Sports Medicine (Olympics 2000) Physiotherapist with a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and ​Somatic Movement Certification and Training, Tarnie’s gift is partnering with those who have unresolved issues that keep ​and recurring and get at the root cause, that is always imbedded in the body.

Any issue you have in your life; wealth, pain, relationships, emotional upset, etc, is held in your body as the body holds the unconscious, and this carries information for you when tapped into. When you are not living the life you know you could be it ​means something is out of balance.

Tarnie has many tools and techniques to move you out of your pain and to find your freedom. She believes that it is every person’s right to stand in the full embodiment of who they are, to know they have choices, to live in abundance and free of pain.  As someone who has mastered her own wealth and abundance and used real estate as one of her wealth building avenues she knows the journey and how to support you.

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FREE – Body Pain Meditation!

This powerful meditation is 10 minutes long and is a track from BodyFreedom™ Healing Movement Meditation Series by Tarnie Fulloon.

This meditation will guide you into your body and support you in connecting with the information your body is holding to support you in unlocking what you need to know now.  It is through the body inner awareness where the truth and the true self lives.

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30 Minute Session with Tarnie  –   We are delighted to offer this to you for $99 (75% off reg. price)

Spending time with Tarnie will allow you to discover where you are getting stuck, what you are holding within you inner self about abundance and wealth, and what your next step is.

To set this up, please email support@tarniefulloon.com or call us: 626-296-2002

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Tarnie Fulloon, PT, MA
Transformational Embodiment Mentor
Greater Los Angeles Area, CA