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$200 (reg.$350) for a 1-hour Depth Session with Tarnie (limited to 2 sessions)

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Do you suffer from:
Searing neck pain, painful locked shoulders, lower back tension?
Pain that is persistent and recurring, that won’t resolve?
​Disconnect from yourself, your body, your life?

I am committed to supporting YOU to find and resolve the 
ROOT CAUSE of your body pain, so you too can live a vibrant life!

During a Depth Session with Tarnie, you will open the doorway to realize a life without pain.   You will:

•  tap into the information your pain has for you
•  discover parts that might feel anxious, frustrated, even angry
•  recognize where you are out of balance with your feminine self
•  realize the extent you are living in your busy, over-thinking mind
•  find a way to rest so you are not fighting the fatigue and exhaustion​

Today, I am on a positive path. Words like joy, fun, and happiness have returned to me once again.
-J. Webb

Your Depth Session:
There’s a deeper story to your pain.
The session starts with your physical pain. It’s the doorway into what’s underneath.
What emerges is an emotional challenge or life situation that is troubling you.
By the end of the session, a solution emerges, moving you towards being pain free.

Imagine releasing the pain, tension, and fatigue and re-igniting 
your life’s joy and vitality!

Set up your session TODAY!  Text:  (310) 453-3811   Email: Tarnie@tarniefulloon.com

As a transformational mentor, workshop facilitator, and writer, Tarnie’s joy is partnering with professional women leaders like you to resolve persistent and recurring pain so you can live a pain-free life filled with joy and vitality.

Tarnie Fulloon, PT, MA
Transformational Embodiment Mentor
Greater Los Angeles Area, CA