Exciting news!  I am delighted to share my TEDx presentation from May 30, 2015.  It is now available for you to view on YouTube.  Keep reading for the link below!

Following the TEDx event in May, I engaged in inspiring conversations with many women.  What emerged from those discussions surprised me.  Women, to stand confidently and with ease in their own power, urgently need support.

​When asked, “What is your passion?” they don’t know!  They are not empowered, not connected to their desires, and don’t know what supports them and feeds their souls. 

Standing fully in your power means you wholly inhabit your body and its supportive infrastructure, the spine.

Working with the spine has always been and is still my passion. 

 For 20+ years, the spine has been at the center of my work, starting with my early work as Sports Medicine Physiotherapist. I am in awe of what the spine does and can do for the body.

Your spinal health reflects whether or not you are empowered. When you are feeling chronically stressed, this will eventually cause pain, often ending up in your spine.

The spine is your foundation physically, yet it also reflects deeper issues. It’s a mirror to your strength, and shows where you may be “collapsing” or “falling apart.”  The spine, and related back and/or neck pain, demonstrates your level of connection to your body or, more often, your disempowerment.
To move out of your head (the mind chatter is a big part of what causes stress) and into your body, your spinal awareness helps you reclaim your body connection. By doing so, you can find peace, freedom, and joy again as you rediscover your foundation. 

It also holds valuable information for you to discover.

In my lifetime of experience working with spinal pain, I’ve learned there is always an issue underneath the pain. Back and neck pain have something to share with you. Maybe you are giving too much away (too loose), or you are too rigid (contracted) and not flexible enough.  
I want you to have both flexibility and structure, so that you are living a life that works and serves the best possible you.  I want you to stand fully in your own power. You can attain this when you embrace the relationship with yourself.  

The spine is your doorway into this healthy sense of flexibility, structure, and empowerment. 

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Try this exercise:
Breathe deeply, imagining your breath flowing down your spine, up and down the entire spine.  Continue that focused breathing for a few minutes.  Then, gently start to move your spine like a strand of seaweed.  Find the fluidity, and let yourself move as best you can.  Imagine you are seaweed flowing in water.
Then, notice any places in your spine where you are rigid, where you are tight, where you have pain.  Also notice what does move.

Listen more deeply to the spine as you breathe into it.  Ask yourself, “Where am I feeling rigid in my life?  Where am I tight and holding on? Where am I not enjoying my life?  Where am I giving myself away?”  Ask yourself these questions, and really listen to your body for the answers.

Let me know how you do with this!

Have a great month, and enjoy your October. 

​Much love,

P.S.: I am excited to share the link for my segment at TEDxPasadenaWomen on May 30, 2015:
Click here lick here to watch now!

This world is ready for the fully empowered woman to lead! Are you ready? 

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October Offerings:

Recently I attended the TEDxPasadenaWomen reunion.  It was the first gathering since the May 30, 2015 event.  I was so inspired to be with these women once again – women in leadership, women in business, women taking care of their families.

What I noticed is that we all share a common thread: We are women with EnergyCommitment, and Drive to stand for a better world and to empower other women, while still embracing men, so that we stand together.

I am delighted to share my TEDx presentation from May 30, 2015.  You can view it here on  YouTube

​This world is ready for you! You are a fully empowered woman, ready to lead in all areas of your life!  As you will hear when you listen to my TEDx segment, it is clear that a new paradigm is emerging.

Please let me know how you enjoy it!

In case you missed it… a few weeks ago, I was honored to be in one of Sierra Sullivan’s Power Circles with Powerful Women. This time we discussed “For the Love of Men.”

Sierra invited three of us to join her in the circle, up-close and personal, to share our experiences around the love of men in our lives.  We already knew each other, so it was a space for honoring, revealing, and being deeply loving among the four of us.

If you are having “men issues,” this is worth a listen for the profound relationship-shifting insights. Click here to access.

P.S.  I have worked with many women on issues around their body pain and issues within their body. Repeatedly, relationships come up. Many (and I believe it is about 90%) of women I work with end up in a relationship they have been looking for.  For the others, it is not the time, or they realize they don’t want one!

Sierra was one of those women who wanted a relationship!  Through the work we did on her back and hip pain, she was able to release core beliefs and issues that were holding her back from receiving the love that was right in front of her – RONO – who is now her husband!

​So if you are suffering with pain in your back or neck, and also wonder about your relationship issues, it’s time to step up to explore what else is possible.  Learn more and schedule an Exploratory Session with me today! 

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