Wow! What a magnificent beginning to 2015. What has it been like for you so far?

To finish the year of 2014, I had a wonderful time with my family and friends in our beautiful sacred sanctuary – our home. It was cold this winter so we sat by the fire a lot and took time to rest, relax, and enjoy each other.

My work year started with a bang on Saturday 3rd January (which meant for my team also)! I had the pleasure of joining Elma Meyer on her teleclass and taking the participants through an embodiment activation process. The response was very positive and I was delighted to start the year this way!

If you watch the video, I will give you “3 Key Daily Routines” that I shared on the teleclass. This will support you in your intentions for 2015. 

I would like to wish you a Happy, Prosperous, and Body Centered year, where your life is full of the relationships that feed, support, and nurture you.

 My words for 2015 are: trust; foundation; expansion.  What are yours?

Try this exercise for your intentions this year:

  • Breathe into your body a few times and allow your breath to land deeply in your body/pelvis region. 
  • Now, ask “What is my intention(s) for this year?”
  • Wait. Wait and receive the information from within. 
  • What are the words, sentence, image, movement, what comes up for you?
  • Let me know what comes for you- I’d love to hear from you. 

To hear the replay of the Embodiment Activation please click here for more information. Please know that there is a nominal fee to join to hear the repay.

With love,


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