What is your relationship to commitment?

Too often commitment is associated with obligation…or a burden. It can often feel like a lack of freedom, however, as Paulo Ceolho states in The Zahir: “Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose – and commit myself to – what is best for me.”

So why is Commitment to oneself one of the hardest thing to do?

We can commit to others, turn up for others, be there for others, but not for ourselves in the same dedicated way. I had a client last week that had an appointment for his pain relief that he missed because he was gifting his time to someone else, for many more hours than he originally offered. The result was a significant increase in pain the next day. He didn’t keep his commitment to himself and while he had offered to help his friend, he did not set a boundary on his own time. He made someone else more important than himself, did not keep his appointment and now due to pain was unable do his actual paid work. Does any of this sound familiar? Do you push your own needs back for someone else?

When we don’t commit to ourselves we find that we are not listening to our inner knowing, and inner guidance, we feel out of relationship with ourselves and others, and don’t feel supported. We get embroiled in unresolved conflicts, don’t live and honour our own principles, are afraid of commitment because it feels like it will take away the freedom and be left feeling suffocated and trapped.

When you do commit to yourself on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, you start to walk your talk. You begin to be congruent in your actions, you honour your agreements to your SELF, you build TRUST in your own decisions, thoughts, intuitions and move into informed action rather than living through reaction.

When you live a life that embraces commitment to yourself you begin to choose self-supportive decisions. This engages inner alignment, assesses what is appropriate, and teaches trust and value within one’s self.

I have witnessed and experienced personally that as you step more into your commitment and embrace this for yourself, self-trust builds. Commitment is the key to getting off the fence, and giving you more freedom by being clear with a Yes or No.

The more committed you are to yourself the more able you are to:

✔ be there for others in the true sense of the word

✔ be more present and more effective

✔ not get as discouraged

✔ hold out for success

✔ not give up as easily

✔ operate at a higher vibrational level

✔ be more effective in your life.

✔ resolve conflicts more easily and fluidly

✔ live in self-trust

*Commitment to oneself grows with time, along with self-trust, respect and appreciation*

When you commit to yourself you are saying:

  • I am important
  • I value my involvement in my own life
  • I am worthy of taking the time for myself
  • I appreciate myself
  • I value myself
  • I am good enough
  • I am worthy enough!

I have included an attachment called *Commitment Exercise* CLICK HERE to explore how to “Build and Sustain Commitment”.

Have a wonderful month, try this out and if you have any questions or wish to discuss how to Build and Sustain Commitment please don’t hesitate to write to me at support@tarniefulloon.com or call the office landline at 626 296 2002.

With love,