As you know my focus is on women and women who want to feel more empowered in their life, and women who want to be leaders of their own lives and are feeling stuck somewhere in their business, relationships or health.

Today I thought I would share with you about one of my clients who wanted just that.  She is an older woman, still working in her profession and truly a dynamic person who has lived a full life. She sought me out because she was feeling dis-empowered and noticed she was losing her vitality.

She has been coming in for awhile and we have worked through a number of issues,  and today I asked her on a scale of 1 – 10 how she was doing, and she said when she started with me she was at a 2/10 and now she is feeling 7 – 8/10.  She feels more alive, less aggravated, more alert and has energy to go out with friends, doing things again, and enjoying her work more fully.

However her balance has still not returned to normal (one of the physical issues she came in with) and so today we took a deep dive into an issue she was having with her balance and what we found reinforced to me that the body holds the wisdom and always reveals what we need to know

10 years ago she suffered from shingles, which was excruciating for many months. This ultimately healed yet since then she has found that she never regained her full strength and slowly her balance has decreased.  What her body revealed was that her right sciatic nerve still lives in terror of this pain of the shingles and so is literally immobilizing her. What her body revealed was that her legs want to move, her feet feel solid on the ground, and she has this amazing strength in her abdomen area (solar plexus) but her legs are weak, particularly the upper legs.

So her source of the issue was from the sciatic nerve that was still stuck thinking she was going to get excruciating pain any minute again, even though it has been gone for 10 years. By uncovering the source she now has the opportunity to change the experience literally bringing the sciatic nerve up to the present day, and not live in fear of the pain returning.

Then and only then can she re-engage the legs to move the way they want to move.

I have seen this work over and over again and it so inspiring to me!

My client left feeling the power and connection to her body like she has never done before and it has given her the confidence to stand more strongly in who she is. It was such a delight to see her leave with a deeper spring in her step, and the sparkle in her eye.

My wish is we all have the courage, commitment and determination she does. Yes, she is aging but she is not “giving up”. She wants to live fully, with vitality,  energy and not feel at ransom for something that was holding her back.