As the new year dawns, it is time to reflect on what this year may bring.

As you may know from my last month’s blog, I sat in retreat, in silence and in reflection. It was an exercise in surrender and a much needed “reboot”.

And there I sat. In meditation. In contemplation. Finding the grounding and the calmness. Allowing for the unwinding and the softening. Things surfaced, issues came up, feelings moved through me, my mind raced. I felt at times blissful, at times uncomfortable, and other times emotional. Questions brought on more questions, and as my mind settled, the silence revealed answers.

And as things became clear, my intentions became focused. My mind became more peaceful.

It was obvious to me I had to wipe the slate clean and clear the table. Questions emerged for myself in this New Year:

What am I committed to?

How can I be of service?

What am I offering?

What I am committed to? – Living from a place of deep loving and experiencing the joy of life.

How I can be of service? – By being true to myself, by speaking my truth, by listening deeply and trusting what I hear.

What am I offering? –   My gift is supporting those who are in pain, anxiety and suffering. Helping find the safety within to re-inhabit themselves. Guiding those in pain to find freedom, joy and the deep love that resides within them.

Sit with yourself and ask yourself this:

“What is emerging for me as I begin this New Year?”

“What am I committing to?”

“What is my gift of offering?”

Silence isn’t empty – it’s full of answers.

Wishing you a special year ahead. May you find fulfillment and gratification of being deeply connected to yourself, to your inner wisdom, and to your source.

With love,