Picture© Daniel Fulloon 2014

This week I had the chance to “come undone” with Healer and Facilitator Jody England and it was a wonderfully new experience. Being vulnerable, raw, real and LIVE for those listening to witness was challenging, supportive and surprisingly freeing!

As someone who is doing self-discovery work you most likely know your work is never done.  Certainly I have surrendered to this knowing for many years and this has allowed my mind  (ego) soften and be kinder to myself.  

It also brings me comfort and compassion knowing that every one of us is working on something, whether consciously or unconsciously.  That no life is perfect and there is always another edge, another piece to uncover, another place to discover, another level to step into and become more embodied!

When you choose to take responsibility for your life and to embrace the full expression of who you are there is this constant flow of becoming aware of an obstacle, unraveling this place within, integrating it, then living from this new
                                               awareness… and …starting again. It is in the unraveling, the undoing that we find more of who we are.   

If you’re curious to hear my experience with Jody England, I have posted the link HERE.  SCROLL to the VERY BOTTOM and you will find me.  This is available free until Sunday evening.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and what comes up around unraveling (I do know it can bring up fear and resistance).

Much love,