It’s delightful to be writing to you again, since it has been a few months since we’ve connected.   

This summer, I chose to take on a lighter client load while enjoying the season with travel, family and friends, and time with my husband. The time was both rewarding and rejuvenating.  

Summer 2015 has been truly rich and varied. Some of you may have seen my adventures (and photos) on Facebook. It has been a time to refill, renew, and enjoy the dear friends and family I was with and to show up fully in the places we visited.  

I’m back from those adventures, ready to begin anew. I am excited about what is next.

I unplugged from the usual flow of my work. I was still working, just not visibly “out there.”  

I was also working with a coach to refine the direction of my business. During this time, I delved in, explored, and reflected. My path and the gifts I’m to share, are so clear to me now. I am beyond excited to share more of this with you!

What I’ve come to see in my life is also something you are also longing for. Being a woman in business, a woman who is a leader, a woman who values all facets of life, it is abundantly clear. For me to have a successful business, I need to foster my intimate relationships because they feed me deeply.  Check in with yourself. Is this true for you? If so, we should talk!

I also need to take time for myself. It’s one of the biggest issues that I see with my clients.

Not just getting my hair done, or a manicure, but something deeper. That is where the body comes in, and where I speak out passionately. When I am too much in my head, thinking too much, trying to take care of everyone else and not finding the time for me, guess what? I also fall into feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. 

That is when I am in pain. 

The areas of my body that speak to me are my neck and right shoulder, my stomach, and my right hip.  Where are the locations in your body that speak through pain or discomfort? 

Let’s explore how you can get to the root cause of your physical pain. 

I am passionate about supporting you to lead a pain free life.

Hoping this finds you doing well and ready for a renewed September. 

Much love,

P.S. The summer is coming to a close. Did you get some time away, a vacation and time to rejuvenate, relax, and fill up your tank?

 If you are a woman in business, a woman leader, a woman who does a lot, and you still have recurring or persistent back and/or neck pain, are you ready to get to the root cause? Let’s explore how you can become pain free. Please contact me today, here is the link to sign up. I have limited spots open right now for Exploratory Sessions. This time is complimentary and they can be very healing conversations without any agenda other than to help you find what you most need to heal. 

September Deep Dive Conversation

This month, I will be discussing “For the Love of Men” with Sierra Sullivan on her Power Circles with Powerful Women series. I’m passionate about this topic! When women are not embodied in our feminine Essence, when we don’t stand powerfully in our authentic self, then we cannot have the relationships that deeply serve us. Men need us as women to be fully connected to our own self value and worth. As we show up in our innate power of the feminine, we can meet each other where we wan to be met. Please join us for this wonderful discussion on Monday, September 14th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST Please click here to register. 

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