As I mentioned to you last week, recently I was away at a conscious business retreat, and having been a part of a number of these I usually look forward to them.

Well, this time I noticed I was feeling very anxious going into the weekend, which was rattling me a bit.  What I have learned over the years is that when this fear comes up I am reaching an edge and something is going to break through for me.  So I chose to go into the weekend retreat with courage- knowing that when I face my fears something new will come through.  Have any of you have ever had a similar experience?

In the past I allowed fear to immobilize me and stop me from doing many things, some that probably could have served me greatly and maybe even changed the course of my life!

Transitions are not easy for any of us, no matter how much work we have done on ourselves.  Hitting that edge of the unknown always creates questions and doubt.  You wonder, “will I survive?” or “will it be safe for me to do this?”  So often I have seen people stay in the comfort of where they are (including myself) rather than stepping through the unease (fear) of the transition, even when they know it is what they really need to do.

Now take a moment to reflect on how you deal with or move through transitions.

Is it stressful for you?

Do you feel really afraid?

Do you get stubborn about the change needing to happen?

Do you question it so much that it immobilizes you?

What feelings come up in your body as you think about transitions?

My movement teacher, Mariane Karou used to say the key to a less stressful more successful life is in how we embrace transitions. It is much easier to be on one side or the other, it is the crossing over, or going through the change, that is the most challenging.

The lesson I have learned is that mastering transitions brings so much more ease into my life allowing me to be flexible and fluid with the shifts. I am less angry, less frustrated, less anxious, and the controlling part of me is less resisting to the change.  I have learned to allow myself to rest into “not knowing” and open my self up to trusting my inner knowing.  A much more powerful place to be for sure.

How do I do this? By being more mindful of what my body’s messages are saying to me.

As you go about your life, be aware of how you deal with transitions, how you deal with your fear and how you embrace change.

Please let me know below how you move through transitions and how you support yourself with changes.  I always love to see and read your comments.

PS:  If you are going through some kind of transition and would like to have a conversation with me please don’t hesitate to sign up HERE for a discovery session with me.  It is complimentary and I would be delighted to talk to you.