Do you ever feel like there is just too much going on? Do you wonder how you will get it all done?  It can get overwhelming.

Like you, I’m a woman in business. I find I am not only juggling my business activities, but also family, relationships, home, and keeping the ship sailing. You too?

It gets tough some days…..

A few weeks ago, I planned to work on my business and get a lot accomplished. Then the painter, who was working around our house, ran out of paint. I went out to buy more. My day continued in that vein, with my attention continuously being pulled away from where I had planned to focus.

Frustration does not begin to describe the feeling I had!

Later that day, I was talking to my brother in Australia. He is a visionary and business problem-solver. He is also a great ideas person. I love seeing how he comes up with amazing solutions. He said to me, “When you are CEO of your own business, it can be tough.”

He continued, saying, “Some days don’t go well because we literally fight with ourselves. We are conflicted about what we are doing — because we think we should be doing something else!”

He told me to take a deep breath and break things down into smaller steps.

So….. I followed his advice and it got me through the rest of the day with far less frustration.

During my meditation later that day, I clarified that the pattern I was struggling with was the ‘Push–Pull’  between where I thought I “should be” and the reality of “where I am.”  This tension was showing up in my body. 

When the painter needed more paint, I felt it was an imposition. That caused a contraction in my body. Tension built up inside of me instead of being able to feel the gift in his painting our deck that needed painting for well over a year! 

When I shifted and felt into gratefulness, appreciating what he was doing for our home, then I felt relief and consequently a relaxation in my body. Suddenly I was holding a lot less stress.

This information, of course, all got communicated through my body. I was feeling the tension of the whole situation in my right shoulder and lower back, along with a stuck feeling in my neck.

I was stuck all right. I was stuck in a belief and behavior that was causing an internal fight in my body, and hence the pain. 

Since this shift, I’ve increased my awareness not to engage mentally in the “shoulds,” but to embrace a greater sense of being with the present, even as different contractors continue to work on the house. I’ve combined this awareness plus gratitude practice to allow more ease and flow in my day. Best of all, I feel so much more peace within my body and spine.

This fight of the mental ‘Push-Pull’ creates an internal battle within yourself. Do you realize that such inner conflict is a battle you can never win?  And it will ALWAYS show up in your body, particularly in your spine. 

Once I stopped fighting myself and stopped telling myself what I “should be doing,” the pain has been released, plus the sense of ease has been tremendous! 

The pain and stuck-ness I was feeling in my spine has been resolved!

My questions to you:

  • Where do you feel pain showing up in your body? 
  • Do you feel pain particularly in your spine?
  • How are you dealing with your version of these “shoulds”?
  • What or whom are you fighting internally?
  • How are you taking care of yourself? 

The more I honor and listen to my body, particularly my spine, the better I feel.  When I am able to get out of my head and become grounded in my body, I have less pain.  I feel more ease, freedom, and calmness within.

Such freedom, ease, and calm then spills over into my life’s work, my business, and my family relationships.  And it feels good! 

Ritch Letvin, another Transformational Coach, wrote this about his life and business:
“What got me to the level of success I’m at today is taking care of everyone else.  What will get me to my NEXT level of success, is taking care of ME.” 

It’s time to start “Taking Care of YOU!”

​Sending you much love as always,

P.S. I am in Australia right now and loving being with my family and reconnecting with friends. This is a photo of the local dolphins swimming along the beach where we walk.  They were close enough that we were able to swim with them!  They were catching the waves with my brother and swimming under his feet!  It was truly magical.

I also find it is magical to have the internet available. It allows me to work on designated days while I am here.  I love the support this offers, making it possible for me to enjoy a lifestyle that works for me, my relationships, and my life’s work.

P.P.S.    You need to know:  I am always happy to have a conversation with you about your neck or back pain, and the information it offers you. You can have blessed relief from the pain you are experiencing. You can even be pain free while transforming a pattern in your life that no longer serves you. (Hint: It is often something unconscious that causes your pain.)
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