As I am in Australia for a few weeks and the days and times are so different I lost track of time and apologise that this blog is late. Also had some technical difficulties and that did not help!

Firstly it is great to be back in Australia although bittersweet. I am now at our holiday house in Yamba, NSW Australia and it is the first time I have been here by myself without my mother… very very strange (and heart aching) to be here without her.

This week as I am traveling I decided to do something different. I came across this great article and thought it was worth a read. I was going to talk about Resistance this week and this writing addresses it in a different way.

Living in your comfort zone can be viewed is passive resistance. It is just easier to stay with the status quo then push through being uncomfortable doing something new, spontaneous, or something to expand into who you are.

Take a moment to stop and feel where you are holding yourself back in some way, where is the resistance you hold inside of yourself that is stopping you from stepping just a little outside of your comfort zone?

We all have the resistance inside of ourselves, we all choose to live in the comfort zone as it creates a sense of safety and yet we can get complacent and not listen to the deeper yearning inside.

Love to hear from you and hear as you explore where you are holding yourself back in someway from stepping into a bigger more expansive (and truthful) expression of you.

 Have a wonderful week,