Do you ever feel like your relationship is just not going in the direction you’d prefer or intended?

There is something valuable I know to be true when you are out of balance in a relationship. This could be a relationship with yourself, your partner, or with someone in your life (kids, workmates, friends). This could also be true to those who do not have an intimate relationship, and truly desire one. This can be frustrating and lonely, while causing you grief and shame. Sometimes, this can even make you very angry. 

This past weekend, I was privileged to be able to teach at a retreat in the mountains. I was honored to facilitate the participants through my embodiment process. This process includes profound work of getting out of the “head space” and listening more deeply to the inner knowing that resides within your own body. In fact, this inner knowing resides in all of our bodies. 

 As always, some astounding things were revealed. These remarkable developments confirmed again, how imperative it is to have a loving relationship with yourself. Imagine the radical shift in your life, if you allowed yourself to have the relationships that support, nurture, and empower you!
Take a moment right now and feel into the relationships around you…..
Is there one that is troubling you? 
How about a relationship that is not going well?
Are you finding yourself in a relationship that you have not been able to speak your truth or feel free to be your authentic  self?

As ideally as you like, feel into that relationship that is not working (this can also include lack of one)…….

Feel and sense where it lands in your body. Take some time to sit with this and be with it. Observe the sensations that arise; this could be stress, pain, discomfort, and even agony. This could all be present. There will be something, even if it is a lack of feeling, and this all telling you something very important. 
Our entire life is all about relationships! 
First and foremost, is the relationship with ourselves (and Source). From here, we form relationships with others and the outside world. We start with our most intimate circles and work our way outward. 

As you feel into this place of examining the dimensions of your relationships, and discovering what is not working for you, allow yourself to sense this feeling and be with it. Don’t change it, don’t try and fix it, and don’t run away. Just be with it. Often you will get a sense of what is out of balance when you do this. 

I would love to hear how you do with this so please let me know.

With love,


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