As we all go into a stressful time of the year it is imperative to take care of yourself –to get enough sleep, not over eat or over drink, continue to exercise. So often at this time of the year we put ourselves on hold and get caught up in the busyness (and stress) of the month.

While there is a part of me that loves this time of the year, in both the Northern wintery Holiday Season or the southern summer surfing Christmas there is also a part of me that can get very exhausted with all that there is to do and think of – cards to send, food to prepare, family and friends to visit and have over, presents to give our, decorating the house… and the list goes on.

So how can you stay centered and enjoy this season with out getting depleted?

By staying connected to our body, and listening deeply within of course!

Follow me on this video as I take you through an exercise to support you in the holiday season…