​Life is getting very exciting around here, having just returned from Australia where myself, and my friend and colleague Dr. Penny Small, hosted our first body-mind and somatic techniques workshop for health practitioners.

​Traditional health practitioners are starting to turn to these holistic healing methods because they are dealing with patients with recurring conditions that they just can’t break through.
Somatic methods are proving to be very effective in helping these patients overcome their issues and live pain-free.
The very core of my client work is centered around somatic healing, which I’ve come to realize not everyone knows exactly what “somatic healing” means. Allow me to share!
The reason that I always talk about getting to the “root cause of pain”, is because pain doesn’t come from thin air. The body is filled with magical pathways, that connect thoughts and feelings, even physical sensation. Somatic therapies help by directing the attention to internal sensations, and by checking in with the body’s reaction we can start to get a sense of where pain is coming from, NOW we can HEAL it.  
I recently had a client who had tried 10 different practitioners to heal her back pain, and within a few body-mind and somatic therapy sessions with me she was pain free.
Somatic therapy and embodiment practices work! 
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Some photos of my trip to Australia.
1. Sydney Harbour from North Head
2. A Kookaburra who came to visit
3. My brother Ross and my niece Emma at Maroubra
4. Port Stephens vista