Last week I promised to share the second part of my appearance with Moneeka Saywer’s Bliss Bits Radio Show. Today’s session invites you to have your own experience of the heart of my work, “finding and healing the root cause of back and neck pain at the physical and emotional levels.” 
In this powerful and interactive presentation with Pam, one of the callers, I guided her through the first 5 steps of my signature BodyFreedom™ Embodiment Process. This started the process of Pam listening to her body and her relationship to her pain

As you listen, please lean into and experience the process for yourself — acknowledging the pain, stress, or tension that is most calling for your attention.

​Follow along with Pam and imagine I am speaking just to you, becoming  aware of what insights, information, and shifts come to you.
This is what Pam said:  

he  BodyFreedom™ Embodiment Process is a compelling and effective tool to assist you in accessing the body’s wisdom and intelligence to heal your pain and body symptoms by discovering the root cause. 

Listen to the BodyFreedom™ Method of Embodiment and experience a shift of your relationship with pain.

If this taste of the BodyFreedom™ Method leaves you knowing you want more, then you can take the next step with a free offer of one of my meditation audio tracks by downloading the link provided at the end of the recording.

With love,

PS: I invite you, if you feel called, to dive deeper into this experience and explore further the root cause of your pain and body symptoms, (OR if you have questions) please call:  1-626-296-2032 or CLICK HERE to schedule aComplimentary EXPLORATORY Session with me!

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