It is late, I am jet lagged AND I want to write to you.

Being in Australia again always fills my senses and this evening as I was taking a walk (from my brother’s place in Warwick, Qld) along a road where I could see the countryside and breathing in the air I felt that deep sense of familiarity and belonging.

It is perfect to be spending time just with my brother, the first time ever just the two of us. I am so grateful to have this relationship and to make the time to be together. It takes an effort to come here – taking time off work, leaving my home for an extended period, flying 14 hours to Brisbane, then driving 2 hours into the country, however I have to say it is well worth every minute. To me it is a priority to foster our relationship.

I was looking on the Internet and found this wonderful site with great top classic Australian Songs. My brother sings, my family loved music and dancing so I thought it would be fun to share songs we sang and danced to growing up.  It was something that truly bonded our family even when other things were not going so well. 

Many of these are great to move to, so as you sing (or hum) along let your body soak in the music and move. I will be joining you as I re-listen to all these classic songs. Slim Dusty was a favourite of my Dad’s and we sang all his songs including the one in this clip!

Have a great week and next week I will be writing from the coast of NSW!

Much love,