As I touched on last week, my New Year’s resolution centres on receiving, and what has emerged for me is something around money.

As I took a deeper exploration into this I found that I actually felt money = pain.  I must say I was surprised!

It feels vulnerable to be sharing this, as money is a tricky subject, however I know I am not alone, and so hopefully you can relate.

What is your association with money?  Truly, when you dig deeply into it do you know what vibration you hold around money?

I was amazed that I found a connection to pain, although I do know money is a very emotional issue, and I have heard that many of us hold some kind of negativity with money.

I had no idea this was here and I was fascinated (as I always am when ever I access my own or my client’s body wisdom) to find this place inside the front of my right hip.

Firstly I found a deep muscle resistance as I felt into this area, then the relationship to money was revealed, and inside that a lot of pain. It relates to my childhood and the association with money, as it was used in punishing and punitive ways. While I have never really lived in lack, I have obviously held a deep unconscious scarcity within me that is just now being revealed.

Don’t you find that just so amazing?  I know I do. The more I stop and listen the more I can unwind the unconscious patterns that are holding me back from living the life that gives me pure joy.

These patterns are insidious and it does take patience, tenacity, courage and willingness to uncover them.

What was beautiful in this process I went through is that I got to a place where I saw an image of a pot of gold, and I felt relief.

So, one of my new year’s resolutions is to hold money in a nourishing way. To feel its goodness, the ease, the flow and even associate money with love (and that one is a big stretch!).

I am curious to see how this will shift my relationship to money and what the pain will transmute into. I have to say, already my hip/pelvic pain is much better!

So my question to you this week is:  Have been able to receive your New Year’s resolutions, and if so are you surprised what is turning up?

Much love,


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