I’m excited to send you the recording of my second Deep Dive Relationship Coaching Conversation.

It was a transformative session and some deep healing took place.

This month, our Deep Dive Relationship Coaching Conversation focused on Grieving Relationship Loss.

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You may also download the recording from this page, at your leisure. 

This session is designed to explore how Embodiment Practices can be so helpful when surfing the waves of grief and loss in your relationship.

Each month, I am offering an opportunity to join the “Heart Seat,” in a genuine one-on-one coaching session, you get to experience in real time, the shifts in grief and loss that are possible once you are able to access the body’s intelligence, what I call, “Embodiment.” If are interested, please email my team at support@tarniefulloon.com

For those of you listening and witnessing this session, it will be an opportunity for you to hear something that will support your relationship with yourself or a significant other. 

There is no doubt as we witness another going through their process, you will walk away with insights that you can immediately use to improve your relationships.

P.S. If this session spoke to you and it is a YES inside for you to dig deeper and find the solutions to your intimate relationship struggles, then you can have the same experience one-on-one with me privately, in a complimentary Exploratory Session. Please email my team at support@tarniefulloon.com

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