“I would rather be dancing than doing anything else!”

I read this the other day and said YES! this is me!

My parents loved to dance and it was the one place where they were in harmony, they were happy and they looked good together. My father was my first “dance partner” and he spoiled me on the dancefloor as all the boys my age were simply not as capable of moving me around like he was.
Then for one reason or another…travel, life, marriage…my dance life dropped away. After moving to the USA to do my Masters, a client of mine told me about a dance class. To be truthful, when I heard about it, it scared me. It brought up some fear and hesitation, and it took me 6 months before I was brave enough to “try it”. Within 10 mins of being in that class I had this intense feeling come over me and felt “ I’ve been looking for this my whole life! I am home”.

Since then, movement and dance has been a major part of my life, my work, my relationships both intimate and friendships, and my way of being. Dance feeds me like nothing else does. I am a mover. I love music and the combination gives me a chance to express myself creatively and let my worry-wort, judgemental, and VERY busy mind off the hook.

Dance or authentic movement as I refer to it, also serves as a very multi-dimensional tool as it invokes healing on the physical, emotional, behavioural, psychological and spiritual realms.

In my experience with myself and with my clients, it allows for the right brain activation that invokes change, supports transitions, allows for transformation and transcendence and opens up for deep integration.

In my work as Somatic Pain Therapist movement it has played an essential role in the healing of myself and of my clients. I find it is part of the effectiveness of my work as a tool to support my clients to move into the feeling state and communicate without having to find the words.

Movement, or authentic dance, helps to unwind anything that is stuck, it releases tension and tightness, it invokes a sense of self-worth, it opens up to the possibility of bliss, it enhances a sense of community and safety when in a class or workshop, it shows you choice and it gives you a deep inner sense of connection and builds inner trust. It opens what is held in the subconscious and stored in the body then brings awareness to it and releases it.

Hence movement is a powerful tool for healing, and for me and my clients a transformational one as well.

Finally and most importantly, let’s not forget that dancing has been proven to be one of the most effective physical activities that we can do in the slowing down of the brain’s natural aging process. Certainly, I plan to still be dancing for as long as I am able. It keeps my body loose, and keeps me embodied and present. Dancing gives me the energy and aliveness each week while making my mind sharper and more focused. YES! I would rather be dancing than anything else!

**I work with people all over the world via phone or video – geography is not an issue to your healing!**