Since we connected last month, I lost beloved Lilly, my adorable feline companion. She has been part of our family for the past 7 1/2 years. The loss was sudden, unexpected, and threw me into a deep state of grief. I know many of us are touched by grief and loss in relationships.

Lilly came to us as a 6-week-old kitten and stole our hearts. Her presence gave me such joy, made me laugh daily, and encouraged me to play. I had a deeply intimate relationship with her, even though she was a cat!

Lilly clearly supported me to stop “doing” and find time to “be.” When I stood barefoot in the grass to ground myself, she always showed up in the garden. She’s turn up, seemingly from nowhere, sit on top of my feet, and “demand” to be stroked. It was a very special time together. Her presence in these moments reinforced the importance of honoring this precious time for both of us.

She always responded to me as I slowed down, such as when I meditated. She would find a spot near me (or on me) as I was in this quiet, introspective time. When I danced, she was always present, as she was every time I did a session. Clients who came to the studio had the privilege of meeting Lilly. I was told she helped me do my healing work as a “distant healer.”

Sweet Lilly



Have a wonderful week.

Much love,


PS: I am happy to announce that I will be hosting the second monthly tele-seminar in the Deep Dive series. 

March Deep Dive Free Relationship Coaching Conversation

  • Wednesday, March 18th at 12pm PST.
  • To join this tele-seminar, please call: 712-432-0075. The access code is: 118901.
  • For international callers, please call the number above via Skype. 
  • Please, click here for a time converter. 
  • There will be a recording if you cannot make it, and one reminder email about this event will be sent out. 

If You Are Willing to Share Your Story

An Opportunity: This month, our Deep Dive Coaching Conversation will focus on grieving relationship loss. If you would like to be in the “heart seat” for a session with me, and you are willing to do so publicly within our intimate community, then please email me at or call me at: +1 626-296-2032. I have openings to coach one or two people right now! Please respond by Monday, March 12th to secure your place in this upcoming virtual seminar. 

Last Month’s Deep Dive Coaching Conversation

If you missed our launch call in the Deep Dive Series, you can still listen in. You’ll get a taste if how relationships can shift through conscious partnering with your body’s intelligence. I invite you to listen to this no-cost live coaching call and take away new wisdom about how embodiment practices serve your relationships. Here’s a link to the first in many series of monthly coaching conversations, this one with Sierra Sullivan. Click here to access! 

Is It Your Time?

As always, if this touched you and awoke the part of you that’s curious and wants to know more, then please email or call my assistant, Melissa to schedule an Exploratory Session. Melissa can be reached by email: or by phone: +1 626-217-0582.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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