Finding a deeper connection with your mind and body can bring about relief from physical pain, digestive issues, and anxiety. While it’s true that investing a good amount of time to your mind-body practice has the best outcomes for healing, there will be times when you need a quick fix. Here are some ways that you can tap in to joy, confidence, and freedom in your daily life. 
Here are 3 wonderful ways to use mind-body activities to transform your pain in your daily life: 
Take 5, 10 or even 30 minutes a day to do this.

#1 – Sit quietly with the pain
 Be still and take quiet time for yourself. Find a peaceful environment and a comfortable and supportive place for your body. Ensure you are not going to be disturbed.
This works because of the intention of taking time for yourself. It is teaching the mind to stop, slow down and be quiet. We are so bombarded in our world with electronics, schedules, to-do lists, demands from others. When you carve out time to be quiet it teaches you and your body how to take become more grounded, centered and refuel. 

#2 – Breathe into the area where there is pain
Take your breath and your tension into the area around where you feel pain. Be gentle and kind to yourself and focus your attention on your area of your pain. Your mind will wander and take you away, that’s ok, just focus your attention back to the area and keep breathing.
The breath is key to healing pain, or any emotional disturbance. When you take the time to focus on your breath you are turning your attention towards yourself. Most of us don’t like focusing on ourselves we, feel it is selfish, “don’t have time” to do that, or think it is a waste of time. 

#3 – Gently find movement 
Once you feel connected to the area of pain, begin to find a very gentle movement around the area. Image the area is a piece of seaweed floating in the ocean. Feel the gentle flow and ease around the pain, and invite the pain to soften into the flow. 
This type of intentional movement is beneficial because it brings you into the feeling body. I find it an easy way to access the meditative state by doing the movement work first. Movement brings you into your body and once you have the body connection then you can move into the deeper state of meditation, stillness, and silence.  It is the silence that heals, because it is in the silence you can hear the messages within.  
Ideally, you would do all three of these activities together but they can be beneficial separately as well. Practicing mind-body connection activities daily will help you to start to notice relief from your pain.

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