This morning I wanted to climb into my shell and burrow down and forget about doing any office work. I absolutely LOVE doing workshops and working with my clients, in fact, I learn as much from them as they do from me. Then there is a whole other side to owning and running your own business as you may well know. It’s the emails, the blogs, the website, the invoicing, the marketing, the social media, the list is endless!

The voice that reared this morning was agitating at me: Why can’t I just focus on doing what I love? Why does doing what I love and sharing my gift come with a whole slew of other things?

Can you relate?

I have just come off a very full week of teaching, workshops, clients and meetings. And while I was inspired, moved, invigorated, even delighted with the work I taught and the meetings I attended, I simply don’t have much left to give today. 

When I get to this place I can feel frustrated. I don’t have the energy, I can feel alone, I judge myself and tell myself to “get on with it”, and then get anxious and stressed. I will tell myself I am not doing enough and yet wondering how I am going to get through the day! 

Then you talk to someone and they ask you “how are you” and you say “fine, doing well” but it is not true!

Why do we do that? Why do we say we are fine when we are not? Why do we not speak our truth to others, but mostly not speak the truth to ourselves?

So, take a moment and ask yourself: How am I truly feeling in this moment? What is really going on for me? Do I feel connected or disconnected from myself? Is there something I am not telling myself, or am I ignoring? Is there a part of you screaming, like I had this morning?

My solution? I use my techniques and tools that I teach my clients to bring me back into my body and listen to my inner truth and then attend to that.

I go to the root of feeling of what is there, for me it was exhaustion, and recognize that I need to take time to rest, to acknowledge myself for all that I have done this past week and give myself a break. Not try and keep pushing and driving and trying to get it ALL done. Letting go of the pressure of what else there is to do. 

It works.

I was able to lessen the pusher that was pushing me, I quieted the critical voice, I took some time to go into stillness, and then did some movement, I also layed down and took a nap (I am a big believer in a 20 mins lie down/mediate in the afternoon, it helps me clear the morning and energizes me for the rest of the day – I have done it for decades!).  My anxiousness abated and my physical symptoms and my exhaustion were less overt and I was able to relax into my day without guilt. 

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