Right now I am sitting in my friend’s lounge room in Sydney, Australia as we recover from a big day of celebrating The Melbourne Cup. It is quite a day as it is “the race that stops the nation”.   Interestingly there was a horse that was racing that was trained by a former client of mine when I had my practice in Australia and so of course I put a few dollars on the horse ($5 to be exact!) and WON!

What is also wonderful is that this day brings Australians together, and that is exactly what 8 of us did here at my friend’s place, hats and all (Melbourne Cup is known for the hats that are worn, or Fascinators which is a form of a hat).  It was so much fun to be with friends and be part of an Australian national event again.

This week I am sharing something a bit different and it will appeal to those of you in business for yourself, although many of the points can be adapted to your life either way.

Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you receive from reading it.

11 Things You Need to Know…