“I wish my pain would go away!”

How many times have you thought this?
How often have you wished you had a resolution to your issue?
Do you find yourself getting frustrated longing to “Get Unstuck” from your pain and anxiety?

What if I told you that you can?
… and that the “pain” doesn’t actually go away the way you might think it does.
What if… there is another way?

If I asked you to move towards the pain, rather than away from it, and that by turning towards the pain, you would be able to resolve your problem…would you be willing to take this step?

The common reaction most people have is NO! Why would I want to do that? I want to get this issue, (i.e. pain, problem, etc) solved and away from me! This is a normal reaction, but what I have found is that this will not heal the persistent pain, anxiety and issues that keep reoccurring in your life (such as not finding the relationship that works, or the job that is fulfilling or the financial abundance you long for).

The answers can be found by turning towards your body and approaching the issue from a different perspective. Here’s the thing, our body is very intelligent, so much more than any of us can get our head around. The body adapts to what we give it. When we push down, suppress, or hold things in our unconscious and store it in our body, the bodies systems will do its best to function in the most efficient way possible. Like water flowing around a rock that is in the middle of the stream, it adapts and finds a new pathway.

But unfortunately, over time, the stress (both psychological and biologically), results in demands on the cells and structures of the body. This leads to strain that is beyond what the body can process, and the stress becomes negative when it exceeds the body’s ability to cope. Eventually the body fatigues and the system becomes burdened with distress.

When something is being held in our body unconsciously it incrementally causes stress, which ultimately leads to pain, illness and body symptoms, or other issues (relationship, money, life purpose). This stress is often due to how we live our life internally within ourselves, in other words, how we “speak” to ourselves, what we think of ourselves, how we are emotionally and spiritually with ourselves.

For example, do you…

  • Judge and or criticize yourself (or others) constantly?
  • Always try to constantly “do better”; never feeling like you are enough?
  • Feel you have to do, give, achieve more?
  • Constantly keep busy and push yourself past your limits?
  • Feel pressure of not having enough. Enough money, time, friends etc.?

…the list can be endless!

When the stress of the pain you are holding is addressed, when you give “voice” to the underlying pain, anxiety, body symptoms (or place where you are stuck in your body that could be related to relationships / finance / work etc.) it give the stressor a chance to be seen, heard and felt. By accessing the body information system, it can bring forward information from the unconscious that you didn’t even realize was there.

Below are two examples from clients who found freedom and relief through using my unique BodyFreedom™ method. The BodyFreedom™ process is an embodiment and somatically based approach that focuses on bringing your awareness into your body and uncovering and bringing to consciousness what has been hidden, in order to transform the issue. Something that the area of neuroscience is now supporting as more and more research comes to light. Particularly the area of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) which is the study of the reactions of consciousness, the central nervous system, and immune system.

Using the BODYFREEDOM™ process can be revealing, powerful and transformative as you will read below.

A young mother came in complaining of neck and upper back pain, and digestive issues. She had tried many modalities of treatment, but could not find lasting relief from her pain.

Using the BodyFreedom™ Method, she was able to access information her body was holding in her unconscious, enabling her to give voice to a stressor she had been suppressing. In this case it was her young self, who was stuck in the grief and loss of her parent. At that age she was unable to express the feelings as no one was available to comfort her. With a series of body dialogues and embodiment exercises to work with this part, her pain resolved, as did her digestive issues. She was able to transmute the pain and the stressor (of loss, grief, guilt, self-judgement) was transformed. The girl who felt the pain, the death of the parent, was still within her, but she no longer held the unconscious and negatively stressful pain in her body. The lack of joy in her life dissipated, her intimate relationship with her husband improved significantly, and she started to play with and enjoy her children in a new way. For the first time, she possessed a sense of thriving and freedom in her life.

A mature adult male in his 50’s, started sessions complaining of shoulder pain that kept re-occurring without getting much relief from traditional healing modalities. In addition to the pain he also had mild depression and anxiety. By excavating and gently exploring the places he felt stuck in his life, we were able to uncover what was underlying his persistent nagging shoulder pain. Together, using some of the process from my BodyFreedom™ method such as breath awareness, body dialogue, sensation tracking, etc., he discovered the deep loneliness of a little boy whose father would leave him outside the bar to play while he drank…for many hours. This client was relieved and shocked to find this association, it was totally buried in his unconscious and manifesting itself through pain in his shoulder. Without support to guide him and his willingness to delve into his unconscious body he would not have found this stressor that was buried inside of him.

This delightful father had been struggling with a marriage that was not working, feeling unworthy, afraid of being alone, and feeling financially inadequate. Even though outwardly he was a very upbeat energetic male, inside he suffered a lot of self-doubt, body fatigue and pain. After working together and uncovering what information the pain was holding for him, he was able to find relief. He is now in a stable relationship, doing what he likes to do, making money, and is enjoying his life. If the pain returns from time to time, he knows it is a sign that he is not taking time for himself, at a deeper nurturing level. The pain is now his barometer rather than something he “ignores” or “wants to get rid of”.

I find it so heart-warming when I am privy to the transformation in my clients. There is more and more research coming out from neuroscience to validate how we hold our emotions, our thoughts, and actions in our body and how important it is to do consciousness body centered work and not think that just a pill, surgery, or another consult will fix the problem.

How willing are you to take a look at any situation you have in your life that is creating an issue and say to yourself, “What is underlying this?”. Would you consider contemplating this, journaling about it, meditating on it, expressing it in some way through movement or art?  Your inner body wisdom DOES hold the answer, and the work is to explore and expose the truth that is there.

Interesting fact!

This is not really new science as Aristotle (384–322 bc) a Greek philosopher and scientist, spoke about the connection to physical health, the brain and emotions. He said:

“The most important relationship we can all have is the one you have with yourself; the most important journey you can take is self-discovery.
To know yourself you must spend time with yourself, you must be not afraid to be alone. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.“

Have a great month and I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

With love,

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