This past week, both my husband and I have had a nasty virus like many people around us. It became obvious that I needed to rest. All I did was sleep, sleep, and sleep. I would get up to do something and have to lie down pretty soon afterwards, as I felt so weak. What was wonderful about it was, I got to REST and I loved that. I spent many hours in a quiet meditation (when I wasn’t asleep!!) and, it was just what my body and soul needed.

It took me many years to be able to surrender and not fight once I contracted an incapacitating virus or pain in my body. There is something freeing about letting of the resistance and not trying to “fight” or “fix” what has ailed me. It is a gratifying experience to let my body do what it needs to do to heal.

When I let go and allow myself to be “sick” it makes like so much easier. I am so grateful for the embodiment journey I have been on. This process has given me permission to surrender, in the case of this week, without feeling shame or guilt in taking crucial time for myself. 

I am now feeling strong and healthy again, even more so than before I got the pesky virus!!! The rest really did do me a lot of good.

While I was “resting” a number of insights came through and it is helping me carve out how I want this year to be.

As you know, my focus is about making intimate relationships work through the embodiment process. It is usually your intimate relationships- those closest to you, yes, that includes yourself, that reflects how you are turning up in the world. 

It is human nature to want to feel loved in our intimate relationship- it is a normal desire. However, so many relationships that are supposed to be nurturing and supportive seem to “not work” or you “butt heads” with them.

This year, I want to take you on a deep dive journey into the relationship arena and help you feel loved, connected, safe, and seen deeply. I approach relationships from the embodiment philosophy, which means I include your personal body awareness, your body connection, and accessing your body wisdom in the conversation of transforming your relationship issues.

I am excited to announce that I am starting a free teleseminar series, once a month, where someone like you has the opportunity to work live with me. Together we will dive deeply into a pressing issue you are currently experiencing in a significant relationship. Please join me for the first of a series of teleseminars starting on February 12th at 12pm PST (call information is below). There will be a recording if you cannot make it. 

For those of you listening, this will be an opportunity to hear something that will help your relationship with yourself or a significant other. You will walk away with insights that you can use immediately to improve the relationship you are having struggles with. 

ALL the answers are within you and if you take time to listen, you will find the solution. So, where are you getting stuck right now in your relationship? Where is the intimacy connection not happening the way you would like it- with yourself? With another?

The power of embodiment and connection to self is KEY in the  healing of relationships and having the intimacy, love, support, and connection that you long for. 

Take a minute and listen to this audio that I made just for you. Let me know if it give you any insights around your relationship. Your reaction that you experience in your body to this exercise is an indicator of the relationship you have with yourself and how you turn up in your relationships. 

Until next week,

Much love,


Deep Dive  Teleseminar:

Thursday, February 12th at 12pm PST. 

To join this teleseminar, please call: 712-432-0075. The access code is: 118901

For international callers, please call the number above via Skype.

An opportunity:  If you would like to be in the “hot seat” and be the one to do a session with me, then please email me at or call me at +1 626-296-2032. I have openings for a couple of people right now! Please respond by Monday February 9th to secure your place in this upcoming teleseminar. 

Teleseminar series begins on Thursday February 12th at 12pm PST. You may access this call by dialing 712-432-0075. The access code is 118901. Please note there will be a recording if you cannot make it at that time. There will be one reminder email about this, so if you would like to join, please put the information in your calendar now. 

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