Recently I was invited to attend a meeting on Conscious Capitalism and I was inspired!

Personally, I see businesses stepping forward to help heal our planet as our governments are certainly in disarray right now. One of the of the four pillars of conscious capitalism is conscious leadership, this pillar is of particular relevance as I am committed to helping my clients become leaders of their own lives.

Conscious Leadership starts with self. When I take responsibility for myself: I am in charge of me; I am listening to my inner guidance; I know I have choices; I use my voice in a loving, compassionate, and understanding way, with the intention of the greater good, then I am contributing as a leader.

We are all leaders – of our own life, of our homes and family, of our relationships, and in the world at large (work).

To be a conscious leader the elements of the feminine must be activated. The old paradigm of “masculine” leadership is not serving the world anymore. The elements of the masculine  energy (drive, self-reliance, pragmatism, fierceness and focus to move forward) are still necessary in the role of leadership.  However, it is time to incorporate the elements of the feminine energy – inclusion, connection, compassion, expressing feelings, to name a few.  By incorporating these elements, leaders are able to move forward with informed action and not push, drive, exhaust, bully (yes, many of us do that to ourselves) at home and at work.

When the masculine energies get activated they tend to control and can create a feeling of fear, of isolation, of not feeling supported and feeling unappreciated. Resulting in limiting creativity, stifling vision, and not allowing what is possible (and often unknown) to evolve.

When the elements of the feminine are included then a sense of belonging, a feeling of involvement, of community and openness is created. This allows for the greater inspiration of any solution to come through in addressing problems in any given situation (with self, with others, at work etc).

Pain is an indicator that something is out of balance with inner leadership and that it needs addressing. There is something that needs to be brought to awareness. This is the doorway I use to support my clients in activating their inner knowing and bringing their leader self to higher consciousness.

What are the elements that need to be activated to create a healthy functioning economy, society, and individuals, to support you being a conscious leader? Here are some elements to contemplate, and certainly this is not a full list.

Check the ones that apply to you.

Inner Leadership:
A 50-year-old client, successful entrepreneur, was suffering from a painful shoulder for 5 years. She had tried many different modalities, and nothing seemed to shift her pain.

On deeper exploration of the shoulder this is what she described when she connected visually to her pain:

“It is a gapping big hole in my shoulder, I had not seen it from this perspective. It has a lot of resistance. It is angry. Really angry. Angry about working so hard, never being supported, not appreciated, everything hurts and there is no relief”

She went onto describe how all her relationships were falling apart and she was emotionally raw. Her relationship with her husband was tenuous and they were fighting a lot. She had a lot of frustration and anger in her life, feeling like everyone was screaming at her, but no tools on how to “get out of this stupid mess”.

Our work together led her to dig into herself and find the voice within her that can lead her forward. To support her to become more conscious of how to compassionately move herself from this “scream” inside, attend to it, and move into a more empowered place.

A quick exercise:
How would you rate yourself as a conscious leader of your life, at work, at home?
0___________________5 ___________________10

0: unconscious, disconnected, not engaged, feel a victim of circumstances
5: in the conversation and doing your work, often daily spending time reflecting and exploring what is your next step to take.
10: fully taking 100 % responsibility for your life and a 100% conscious Leader in all areas of your life.

Wishing you a magical and consciously aware month.

With love,

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