Firstly, I would like to apologize for not being in contact over the past few weeks. However, it was time for me to let go and surrender. 

I have written about surrendering before, and I had to practice what I preach while I was traveling in Australia. 

Two significant things happened…


After a few days of being in Australia, it became apparent that my brother was unwell. Given these circumstances, my attention turned towards him. I was staying with him in order to go through my mother’s things, as we had to decide what to keep and what to let go of. This process was not easy, as you can imagine, and then I suddenly had to focus on his wellbeing and let go of what I was doing. 

It then became apparent that he needed a vacation. So, he joined my husband and I on our holiday vacation by the ocean, Yamba NWS Australia. 

Secondly, at the beach, there was limited internet access. It was hard to keep in touch, which meant I had to cancel client sessions, Skype sessions, and meetings. I was unable to stay connected via the web, which is a crucial part of my life. This was also very frustrating and difficult for me to do.

As I look back, I see it was very clear that there was a bigger picture….

1. While it appeared that it might be a burden, it was a wonderful gift for all of us that my brother joined us on our holiday. I was given the gift of building a deeper relationship with him from a new place without our mother. My husband and my brother also had a wonderful time together. They went fishing, which they both love to do, and had not done for years. They were two happy men!

2. I had a forced break and had to surrender to not easily being able to stay in touch with my work via the internet. 

There were some other things that happened in the final week, while I was away, that required me to be fluid and flexible with situations that turned up. 

One of my teachers, Mariane Karou used to say it is the transitioning from one state to another that is the hardest thing to do – to be able to change on a dime, be flexible, change direction, change speed, and change thoughts instantly. This is a skill that is powerful to have and I certainly had practiced this while I was away. I had a wonderful holiday by choosing not to resist or get upset with what was presenting itself. It was a true blessing to stay connected with myself. 

Today as I reflect, I see how I was given the opportunity to:

  • Build deeper relationships
  • Deepen my relationship with myself 
  • Be available to those around me and listen more fully
  • Give myself a break by not fretting about what I cannot control 
  • Deepen my trust that all was as it was meant to be

Take a moment right now to reflect on a time when you had something scheduled and it completely changed. A time when you had to let go and and embrace what was presenting itself. 

  • How did you embrace this situation?
  • Did you react?
  • Did you get upset?
  • Did you resist?
  • Did you give up and feel defeated (very different to surrendering)?
  • Did you feel into it and recognize what you needed and what was needed of you?
  • Did you deeply surrender to the situation and make the very best of it?

Upon my return to my LA home, I feel deeply fulfilled from being “home” in Australia and I am ready to give more of myself to what I love to do: Guide you to building deeply fulfilling relationships.

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,

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