Tarnie joins Dr. Meg Haworth in an unforgettable conversation about helping people with body pain to heal once and for all. 

Tarnie takes Meg and the listeners on the 7 Stages of Body Freedom Embodiment Process to begin to experience a different way of releasing the stranglehold that pain and body symptoms can have over us. 

Listen to Meg as she goes through her process and realizes that the fear and panic she experienced as a child, due to a drowning experience, is still present in her body. You will hear how that experience is still imbedded within and holding her back from moving forward in certain areas of her life. 

Ask yourself, where are your experiences, wounds, or “negative” memories that are still in your body, holding you back today?

How are they influencing your choices and your freedom? 

Please follow this link in order to listen to this special interview. 

Meg Haworth, Ph.D. is a Holistic Psychologist & Nutrition Strategist and works with clients to heal chronic illness with food and the power of mind. Discover her fantastic work here

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For those of you listening and witnessing this session, it will be an opportunity for you to hear something that will support your relationship with yourself or a significant other. 

There is no doubt that witnessing another going through their process, you will walk away with insights that you can immediately use to improve your relationships.

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