Here in the US we have just been celebrating our Independence and the 4th of July! It is also my birthday month! I love celebrating my birthday at this time of year in California, as it is summer and everyone is relaxed and in full holiday mode…. 

Unfortunately, there has been a lot going on in the world since I last wrote and it is bringing up a lot of emotions, including a lot of fear.

Fear is the natural reaction to feeling threatened.  There is nothing wrong with fear, however when it takes hold of us or plays out in the extreme, severe things happen globally, in the community, in the home, and within ourselves.

It is important that you understand and know your fear, but not to let it drive you.  When this happens, fear can manifest itself into body issues and body pains.

We all have a choice. A choice to hold fear in our body OR to allow it to move through you.  When you have a deeper body connection the fear cannot take hold. You can feel it, acknowledge it, embrace it, release it but it does not keep you hostage.

If you are feeling a lot of fear in your life right now, and you sense it is manifesting itself in ways that are not healthy for you, and if you would like to move out of fear and pain and live in a more joyful state, please know that this is possible.

There is such a need for our world to become more embodied. That is we need to be kind, generous, inclusive, and live in community with tolerance and acceptance. When we are embodied (fully connected to your mind and your body so you are living from your authentic self) you can make the very best of what is happening – in yourself, in your family, in your community and in your world.

Our world is ready for the fully embodied person to stand up and lead. Our world is ready for kind, courageous, confident people living with integrity, virtue and truthfulness.

I am here to release that embodied person that lives within us all.

Sending you much love in my birthday month,

​PS:  I am excited to let you know I am working on an online course around my signature embodiment process. I cannot wait to get it finished and share it with you. Stay tuned! 

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