This lone fisherman is my brother fishing along a beach we swim and walk along each day, called Pippi Beach.  He did not catch anything that day, but did hook a HUGE fish the next day that he lost (truly, there was a crowd gathered as this fish was on the line). 

It has been magical to be here by the ocean, swimming, walking, gathering with friends. I am deeply enjoying  taking time out, to get away, to relax and to “go with the flow”.  
I have a friend who was diagnosed with depression last week and was told by
doctor to take at least time off work and get away. Her response was they all need   me and how could I possibly go away, it is impossible!”.

How often do you keep driving yourself, pushing aside that niggling feeling that things are not right, that your relationship is not working the way you would like it, your job is not serving you, or knowing you need to stop and take some time for you but there is not time. So often the driving self does not let us rest.

My friend has been saying for awhile that she just has no energy, feels dull inside and her relationships around her at work and at home are not satisfying. She has not been willing to give herself the time to take a break and try and take time out as it is something very hard for her to do.

I know my breaks are vital for my well being, for my relationship, for giving me space to find inspiration and allow time to fill up my tank.

When was the last time you took a break? When did you give yourself the time to stop and take some time away from your routine and give yourself the opportunity to do something fresh, something that brings you inspiration and joy?

We all need it!  Can you do it for yourself? Would you make the commitment to plan some time to get way, or take a break? Today?

Sending you love from the restful east coast of Australia.