Today I wanted to share an excerpt from the David Whyte poem, Close.  But first let’s talk about relationships.

Building a relationship with yourself, to become close to yourself, to know yourself deeply is key to finding joy, pleasure, and intimacy in your relationships with others.  Ultimately, how you relate to yourself is reflected in your relationships.

As a friend of mine says, “relationships flourish when you work on yourself” and I totally concur. I feel truly blessed at the depth and breadth of the relationships in my life, and I know that it all starts with my relationship with myself.

Let me know how this poem touches you. I was moved by it and for me “being close” is not enough; I want to be fully present, fully embodied and totally close to myself!

is what we almost always are: close to happiness, close to another, close to leaving, close to God, close to losing faith, close to being happy, close to tears, close to saying something, or close to success, and even, with a great sense of satisfaction, close to giving the whole thing up.

Our human essence lies in being almost there, we are creatures of being on the way, our journey a series of impending anticipated arrivals. We live by unconsciously measuring the inverse distances of our proximity, our intimacy calibrated by the vulnerability we feel in giving up our sense of separation.

To consciously become close is a courageous form of unilateral disarmament, a chancing of our love, a willingness to hazard our affections and an unconscious declaration that we might be equal to the inevitable loss that our love and our closeness will bring…
©2014 David Whyte
 Excerpted from ‘CLOSE’ From the upcoming book of essays CONSOLATIONS: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

Have a wonderful week and I will be connecting with you from Australia next week. I will be spending time with my brother, my lovely husband at our coastal retreat at Yamba in NSW (I had my first swim in the ocean at 6 months old there!), then a few days with friends in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Much love,


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