Many years ago, while I was in my master’s program, I uncovered a part of me that felt desolate. When I went to that place it was like a war zone, barren, dark, black, and deeply scary. I felt totally alone, deserted, and hopeless for any kind of connection. It was terrifying to be there. I called it my nuclear war zone. 

As I mentioned last week, recently I was invited to teach at and participate in a business retreat. One of the exercises that Jeffrey Van Dyke from Big Vision Business guided us through was a visualization. In this visualization, we had to go to a place where we feel safe, connected, that brings us joy. I ALWAYS go to the ocean, as this is my place of refuge and it brings me great peace and joy. My heart opens there.

In this meditation/visualization, I found myself walking along the path to the ocean and then started to see myself in a field of grass, with tress around the boarder. I fought going there, and inside I was saying……. no, no, no, we have to go this other way to the ocean!

Well, I did surrender, as I recognized that I was being guided here for a reason. 

A few days later, in my daily ritual (this is where I meditate and do my embodiment practices), it suddenly came to me that my nuclear war zone now had grass and trees, it was alive and I had connection there!

I was so overcome with joy at how I was being shown that this place inside of me is healing.

This experience is a positive affirmation and a strong visual to me, that the work I have done, and continue to do, with others and myself works and can your life!

While I see that in my outer life, it was wonderful for my body wisdom to share such a strong message. 

Do you have stories like this? If so, I would love to hear them. Please, post your stories below.

I hope you are enjoying you Summer (or keeping warm in the Southern Hemisphere)!

Much Love,

Tarnie Fulloon

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