This past week I have talked to two women clients who were butting up against their fears – one in regards to whether she wanted to pursue her dream or stay in a job she has, and the other about dealing with a relationship (intimacy) issue that she knows is affecting her business and income.

Both are accomplished, educated, intelligent women who are aware that they are holding themselves back in some way, although not clear how.  One desires deep intimacy with her partner and the other desires to truly surrender to her purpose and decide if she is going to pursue her dream or let it go.

Often we are not even conscious that it is fear that is stopping us.

You might be feeling stagnation in your relationship, or feel like you are not living your purpose, or you might be feeling that you have more to offer but don’t know what it is. Or you just might be feeling a bit “blah” about your life, where there is no focus or direction.

You might also be having health issues, or not healing the way you know you could be. One client recently had a car accident and suffered upper body, neck injury and came to me because she wanted to explore an alternative way to healing as what she had tried was not working and she didn’t want to be medicated all the time.

What she faced was a deep fear of “not doing the right thing” that she was holding from childhood and so until that was released her body could not heal. The change in her in the weeks I have seen her has been miraculous!

Facing our fears that are deeply imbedded in our body, are imperative to living a fulfilling, bountiful, joyful life.

Is there somewhere you are feeling stuck?  Feel into this and ask yourself is there fear I am holding?

Have a great week!