Over a year ago I decided a write a book. I was motivated, inspired, even guided to put down in writing my years of experience of healing my clients, my friends and family…even myself! What I found out is.…

It is hard to write a book!

It is hard to write down what is experienced by my clients and myself in a work session. It is hard to write down the magic that comes from tapping into someone else’s body energy and finding the thing they need to see and understand in order to transform. It is hard to write down the flow and the synchronicity that turns up in a session and in my life. It is hard to write about right brain experiences!

Writing about experiential transformative and divinely guided sessions (and about this in my life) has proven more challenging than I thought.

I have heard that a woman can take much longer to write a book than a man often because they are taking care of many more things in life. I started asking other woman who have published their writings and I heard figures like 6 years, 8 years even 10 years! It makes me feel I am right on track and have started to let go of a “due date” deadline.

It has certainly been a lesson in practicing things like:

• Finding my ideal writing time
• Committing to the time that is ideal for me, not what is “suggested”
• Meditating daily as that supports me getting in the writing zone
• Making sure I do some movement every day as that activates my creativity
• Deepening my inner guidance and listening to Source as I write.

The effects of making this journey has also supported me in seeing how “I” am supported and, becoming more conscious of what is going on in my life. It has made me more aware of my own patterns and more articulate, connected and committed to supporting myself and those I work with to transform their “pain”.

So where am I now?

Well…I have a working title and multiple chapters already finished – a wonderful editor and continued support of my family and friends! Introducing….

From Pain to Empowerment
Transforming Your Pain and Becoming a More Embodied Leader of Your Own Life.

It’s a book about transformation – and healing – and conscious leadership – and lots more…

So what motivates me to keep going?

• To gain clarity about what I teach / offer
• Have a reference guide for my clients when I am working with them to support their inner work and transformation
• A gift to give
• Something concrete about what I do
• To use in teaching / trainings / workshops
• An expression of me

The things that have kept me from finishing the book are statements like:
• I will do it later (I have discovered there is no later – it never ever comes!)
• Something (or someone) needs my attention.
• I am too tired, too busy, not motivated, don’t feel like it, no energy, not inspired.
• Too much to do, too many other things on my mind right now.
• Tomorrow is the day I will really start.
• I don’t have enough time.

What I have realized is that I am EMBRACING this entire process with LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.

I am loving every distraction, every excuse, every step and milestone I make towards completion. I am accepting the juggling of my home, my relationship, my family, my friends, travel, personal time, etc. I am loving the trust I am gaining in myself, embracing the vulnerability that’s being exposed, and stepping into the discipline and the tenacity this process takes. This and more I didn’t even know I was capable of.

I will keep you all updated on my progress and transformative journey!

Much love and blessings to what you are putting your time, energy and focus into.

With love,

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