Spring has sprung here in the northern hemisphere and this is often the time when we get the energy to transpire after a long and dreary winter. We prepare for the new growth, feel energized to expand and start anew, purge, clean and throw old things away and of course, Let Things Go.

So today I am going to invite you to consider doing your Spring Cleaning of the Inside. You can start by looking at what Inner Beliefs you are holding that you don’t need anymore. What can you let go of? What can you throw away?

Over the years of working with clients, I have found that one of the major things that get in our way is the Beliefs that we hold about ourselves that we have taken on as our truths. 

We tend to carry these beliefs within ourselves, for years sometimes, holding them, and believing them until they become our truth. There are many negative beliefs that we berate ourselves with and they tend to hold us at ransom. Until we can finally let them go, they will repeat themselves over and over and over again.  

Things such as:

  • I am stupid.
  • I should have got that right.
  • I am hopeless.
  • I hate the way…(fill in the blank) looks.
  • There is something wrong with me.
  • I am not worthy of this.
  • I can’t do that because… (it will make me look silly, I will seem too pushy)
  • I cannot ask for what I want because… (I am not good enough, not deserving..)
  • You can also have negative beliefs about relationships, work, money, the state of the world, etc.
  • I will never have enough
  • I am not lucky enough in love
  • I am not skilled enough or educated etc. to get that job/promotion/raise…
  • It is tough to live in this world

These are beliefs that don’t serve you, they pull you down, they cause contractions in the body and they keep you small. They stop you from flourishing; they take your freedom away.

There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread,
so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to questions them.”
-Anthony de Mello-
Did you know? Limiting or negative beliefs are stored in the body? They turn up in the form of pain, body symptoms, diseases, and worry and anxiety to just name a few. They affect relationships, work, money flow, family, your own happiness and your desires and passions. It is so, so, so important for your health to Transform Your Beliefs. 
TRY THIS NOW: Turn it around…
I am not good enough –> I am doing the very best I know how right now.
Once you release these negative beliefs you can literally transform how you feel about yourself. You will begin to feel more connected and you will start to feel a freedom in your being that you didn’t know was possible.

With Spring arriving, take some time to “DECLUTTER” you!

You can also have negative beliefs about relationships, work, money, the state of the world, etc:

✓ Start to simplify your activities
✓ Connect to what is happening in your life
✓ Be aware of what you are feeling within your body.
✓ Take time to reflect, and not be so busy, not have such a full life
Then start to clean out the inner closet of your mind:
✓ Become aware of habits and beliefs that are not serving you
✓ Reveal them, bring them to consciousness
This is when you can begin to find a new way of being.

Take a moment to think of what negative belief or fear is holding you back. Ask yourself this:
What is one limiting belief you have right now?
Why do you have it? Where did it come from?
What do you experience that reinforces that belief?
Does it still hold true today?
Do you need it anymore; is it time to let it go?

What is your real truth?

We tend to overlook the many positive traits about ourselves. As one of my clients said today “I judge myself for the 2 things I didn’t get done and forget the 10 things I did get accomplished” It is so important to acknowledge, appreciate and savour the positive  – you are smart, lovable, attractive, successful, funny…  Make a list of these positive things about yourself.

Once you have made your lists it is now time to reinforce the change. You have to re-train and create new grooves in your brain with a new way of thinking and being.
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
– Lao Tzu –
This process of releasing unwanted, out-dated and limiting beliefs can be fun, fulfilling, and enlightening. Are you ready to do your Spring Cleaning of your beliefs?
*I have included an attachment of an exercise you can follow to help you do your inner clean out! 

With love,