Vulnerable comes from Latin meaning “to wound.”  If you are human, you have experienced a lifetime of different emotional woundings. In response, you’ve placed a series of defenses, and various layers of protection, around these tender places to keep from feeling such hurt.

In my experience, there’s an alternative to this armor. There’s vulnerability, as an emotional openness, that reflects strength not weakness. It is the way of feminine courage (open to both men and women) to express vulnerability in this way. By doing so, the result is a great feeling of freedom.

Consider vulnerability as that which puts you in touch with deeper resources of your being. With that connection, you function from inner strength built on truth. You are deeply aligned with your true self, enhancing your power to make choices. This is the basis for the freedom you long for. 
I witnessed and honor the courage of this with many this past month and I noticed just how hard it is to reveal ourselves as vulnerable. The embodiment process I take people through is relatively simple. All it asks is for the courage to show up, and be willing to let go a little, and let the body lead.In my life, I observe my own resistance to showing vulnerability, even with all my practices. To show up as vulnerable means I risk being labeled as weak. Revealing vulnerability brings up fear that everything will fall apart, that I won’t be able to cope, that I will disintegrate and won’t get anything done in my day.

Yet with my courageous and vulnerable clients, I’ve seen what is possible when they rest into their true selves. 

  • Some of the many changes that transpire in their life is: that they become significantly less anxious and worry less. 
  • They feel calmer and life is more even keeled. 
  • They find intimacy in their relationship again or they find their soul mate.
  • They don’t feel so pushed around by wants and needs of others; and most importantly they are less disconnected from themselves so they live with more kindness and compassion. 

This allows them to feel much more fulfilled and satisfied in their life!

It requires courage to delve into the body’s inner sanctuary and reveal what is under the protective layers.  True freedom starts with moving through the feelings (that is very vulnerable to do, always!) that are buried in the body and allowing what is there to be acknowledged, felt, and expressed.  

During the past month, I’ve experienced profound joy and pleasure in supporting others in what they are offering the world. With a focus on helping women step fully into their true selves through the embodiment process, I’ve observed their deep courage. 

This was evident at Fun Fabulous and Feminine event with Sierra Sullivan and Rono Smith.  The women at this event spent three days exploring how to be more in their feminine energy by connecting to and awakening their pleasure!  

It was powerful to support and lead a room full of women open up to their deeper true selves through my Feminine Embodiment Process.  After the exercise one woman came to realise how she could still hold love for her ex-husband for all that he gave her in the years they were married without having to still “be loved” by him. Another woman realized that she needs to find the time to build a healthy relationship within herself before she moves into another one.

My Deep Dive “Heart Seat” coaching conversation this past month featured TJ.  It was an honor to spend time with this amazingly evolved woman — so open and willing to be vulnerable in this public way.  TJ revealed how vulnerable it is for her to consider going into a committed relationship and why she has sabotaged so many relationships in the past.  I highly recommend you schedule time to listen and experience courageous feminine vulnerability firsthand. Please see below for more details on this month’s session. In the meantime, listen to last month’s here. 

I also had the opportunity to be on a radio show with my colleague, Alana Newton. We delved deeply into grief and loss as they arise around the empty nest syndrome. This includes losing a pet; a relationship; the way of life that you had; a job; children at home.  The show’s producer commented  how very powerful it had been. Please click here to listen. 

I invite you to stand in this courageous place, surrendering to feelings that come up within you. I invite you to recognize that as you rest into the deeper resources within your sensate body, you will find a foundational place where your true strength lies.

Every day I notice how many people go through their lives completely unaware of these deeper feelings within their bodies. They don’t have a relationship with themselves or the body’s wisdom. Truly, they are not embodied.  Without a relationship with your inner and outer body, how can you be in healthy relationships with anyone or anything? 

Happy April to you!

Much love,

April’s Heart Seat Deep Dive Relationship Coaching Conversation

Join me on Wednesday, April 15th at 2:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
April’s Deep Dive Coaching Conversation will focus on vulnerability and courage. In a genuine one-on-one coaching session, you get to experience in real time, the shifts that are possible once you are able to access the body’s intelligence, what I call “embodiment.”

  • To join our virtual live event, please click here on Wednesday, April 15 at 2:00 pm PST.
  • Save this link to your calendar now and then just click on it on April 15. No prior registration required.
  • There will be a recording if you cannot make it, and one reminder email about this event. 

To explore how embodiment practices can be the antidote to fear of vulnerability, especially in your relationships, please add this date and time to your calendar now. 

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