About a month ago my dear friend and highly experienced hypnotherapist, Ted Moreno interviewed me for his podcast, and today I am delighted to share it with you!

Many of us live with pain and anxiety, accepting it as the norm. Your struggles in life are held in your body, whether you know it or not, and to change this, it is imperative to have a relationship with Body Awareness.  

​By listening to this podcast YOU will learn:

  • What a Transformational Mentor is and what I can do for you.
  • About Body Awareness and why it is important.
  • The root cause is of your neck & back pain, and anxiety

If you are struggling in some part of your life and know that you are disconnected from yourself, in pain, or anxious, know that there is more for you to live than what you are currently living.
In this powerful and informative interview you will gain insights as to why it’s critical in learning how to transform your life!

Listen NOW!

What is your level of Body Awareness? What is your Body trying to tell you?

For me, this past month has reinforced the need to spend time in self-reflection and dig deeper within myself. I experienced blurred vision in one eye and this has allowed more of my inner wisdom to be accessed.  This has been particularly pertaining to my business: how I do my business; how I share my healing gifts; how I show up each day.

Yes, I had the eye attended to medically and I do need an operation, however, I always look deeper into what my inner self wants to communicate with me. I am scared but I am on the edge of something new and my eyes are showing me what that is. I am excited to share my personal transformation with you.

​With love, 

P.S. Discover YOUR Personal Transformation! If this calls to you and you would like to know more, then please sign up for a FREE Exploratory Session, with no attachment to sign up for anything.  We can have a conversation about your particular pain and anxiety either in your body or in your life.

As always please pass it along if you know someone in your life who would benefit from a conversation with me. 

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