​It has been a while since you heard from me. We are already well into 2016 with summer in the US almost upon us. I have been working hard to implement my new direction and focus, “Finding and healing the root cause of back and neck pain at the physical and emotional levels.” My mission of helping our planet heal by igniting the Feminine Principles in both women and men has been a wonderful and rewarding journey for both myself and my clients.
We have also been busy in the office doing a lot of “house cleaning”– updating computer files, categorizing, plunging into Social Media and revamping the website.  

So far, this year has been full, busy and exciting. I have been teaching and presenting my work at retreats, to businesses and local organizations, speaking on podcasts, and of course dedicating myself to supporting and working with my private clients.

​The appearance that I wanted to share with you today is my interview with Moneeka Sawyer, host of Bliss Bits Radio. Our conversation is about the relationship to your body intelligence and healing your pain. 

Part 1 of that message beautifully showcases my current focus. Listen for a special offer made by me at the end of the interview that I encourage you to take advantage of. There has been great feedback of how beneficial it is. 

Before you start, please read Moneeka’s brief description of her journey with pain and transformation: 

A Few Words of Perspective on Pain From
Bliss Bits Radio Show Host, Moneeka Sawyer:

    Have you ever thought that your physical or emotional pain is keeping you from having the life that you really want?  Is it holding you back from being all that you can be?  

I have struggled with pain for many years, since a horrible car accident that happened when I was in my early 20s. It nearly destroyed my life, and my dream of becoming a professional dancer was crushed. I declined a wheelchair even though I couldn’t walk then. After a few years, I was walking normally again. I even dance!  
Now, as much as I LOVE my life, I have a very close relationship with pain.  The pain is much, much less today than it has ever been, but it is still always with me.  
Here’s what I have learned:

  • Pain changes a person.  It can hold you down, make you depressed, and contract your thinking.  
  • You develop fear of doing things because you aren’t sure you can physically do them.  
  • That attitude starts to bleed into all parts of your life and thinking.  
  • Suddenly you have limiting beliefs about what is possible, making life a constant struggle.  

 Pain doesn’t have to do any of these things, but it often does.  I think it’s important to find a way to deal with pain in our lives, so it doesn’t interfere with our bliss.  I have found a way to do this.
One of my mentors who helped me along this path is Tarnie Fulloon.  
I feel blessed to have worked with Tarnie. I was excited when she agreed to talk on my Bliss Bits Radio Show.

Thank you to Moneeka for these words!
​Listen or download for the first part of my conversation with Moneeka: Beyond Bliss Coversation

​Until next time, sending love,

PS: Watch for an email next week where I will share Part 2 of my presentation with Moneeka: 
Using the BodyFreedom™ Method of Embodiment to experience a shift in your relationship with pain.
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