Across the globe, and from childhood to adulthood, the trend of women doing more hours of unpaid work (i.e. around the home) than men continues. Here are interesting statistics….

  • About unpaid household work: Women’s daily unpaid work (laundry, grocery shopping, taking care of the kids) tallies up to 4.5 hours. Men spend only about half that amount of time, according to O.E.C.D. 
  • About chores: Weekly, American girls age 10-17 spend 2 more hours than boys; boys are 15% more likely to be paid. (University of Michigan study).
As a woman grows into an adult leader, these statistics translate into a lifetime of overdoing, over-juggling, fatigue, and body pain. Even if she is getting help, as a woman who is a “doer”, she still overloads herself, attempting to keep it all together.

In my years of practice, I have found, as a woman you have to work at taking time for yourself; not to try to do everything; and connect daily to your inner self to find your inner peace and calm. 

If you don’t, you will find:

  • Your body aches with back and neck pain, as well as other body pain and symptoms.
  • Your busy mind is always thinking and worrying.
  • You really don’t have the time to relax and be still!
  • You wonder how you can do all you do AND have the relationship and intimacy you desire.
  • You are overwhelmed, overbooked, exhausted inside, and KNOW you are totally disconnected from your body.
  • You know you are not living your true potential, that there is more to you and your life.

Is this true for you? I know it has been for me.

If so, you deserve a solution! Imagine what happens when you:

– Free yourself from pain and find the freedom you seek
– Deepen your listening skills to “hear” your inner knowing and inner body
– Integrate flow and confidence to replace stress and anxiousness

In mid March, you have a chance to connect and embody those solutions in person with me. 

How can you do that?

As a woman who is a leader, you are invited to join myself and Julie Jakopic from the east coast, as we run a 3-day workshop for women who lead.

It will be a nourishing time, in a small intimate group setting. Like-minded women will come together to explore, share, and make time to rejuvenate.

In our time together you will:   *shift out of DOING and into BEING;  *find ways to have healthy, happy relationships in your life and your career;  *learn techniques to relieve your anxious and over-active mind;  *and enjoy a fun and focused weekend of coaching and reflection.

I am inviting YOU personally to join me so that you can turn your physical pain and your mental struggles around.

Reconnect with your Inner Leader! For more details, CLICK here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE if you would like more information or discuss the weekend.

Sending you love,

PS:  This workshop is designed for women who do too much, are in physical pain, and don’t feel received for all they do! If  this is you or you know a woman like this then please do her a favour 
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