Yesterday, I had two separate sessions with women who would like to be in a committed relationship. One has been married and is now single, the other one has just broken up with her man. Both of these women are responsible, intelligent women who are committed to living a better life and have relative success; yet, they long for an intimate relationship where they feel seen, heard, felt, cared for, and deeply loved.

Many people come to me with relationship issues:
•Within themselves (they know they are an anxious type who over gives)

•In a relationship with another (mostly with their intimate partner, or, lack of one)

•Or regarding loving their life and living on purpose.

What I know to be true is the common denominator that these women (this does apply to men also as many are not living from their power) are not living through the connection to her body. She is living cut off from her inner body intelligence and the felt sense of her own physical power in her body. 

Often you can be aware of your own body physically, but what I am talking about is truly inhabiting yourself from that physical sense in your tissues and bones. 

Whenever I talk to someone for their intake session, I am looking for and listening to how she inhabits her body and what are the relationships she has with her deeper self, her feminine power, and her inner intelligence? 

How well does she receive herself? 

This is important information as her inner relationships are a reflection of her outer relationships.

When a woman tells me that she finds the man she is a relationship with: 

-over needy, not manly enough, punishing, not stepping up to the plate, not caring for her, ignoring her, not listening to her, not loving her the way she wants to be loved, disappearing without a word (the list goes on)…..

These are all indicators that she is no in her feminine power. 

I am reminded of a client (Francine- not her real name, but to protect her privacy) who had a great job, was independent, loved her family and friends, and was a true giver. However, she felt depleted, dried up, and lifeless. She had no particular body pain, she described being numb with no real awareness of her body from the waste down. She also instinctively knew she was too young to be loosing her vitality and aliveness.

It was clear as I talked with her some more, that she did not know how to receive, and she was not in her feminine power.

After radically transforming her relationship with herself, she shared with me how she felt so much more feminine, alive, awake, and totally enjoying life.  

Francine is now engaged to a wonderful man and feels the freedom in a relationship she has been looking for for many years. She is loving the confidence she has about herself in all relationships. 

Are you ready to go for a radical shift in your relationship with yourself, or with someone else in your life? 

Are you feeling like you cannot keep living the way you have been?

If yes, then head right now to sign up for A Time For You and let’s see how I can support you!

Every woman (and man) deserves to live through their own innate power, that is how we will truly heal this planet of ours.

Have a great week! 

Much love,


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