So often, I find my clients unaware of their own power center within their body.

Do you know where your true power center is? 

Ultimately, what comes up as I explore this with my clients is that they are unaware of the deeper, grounded, and resting place of their power. Then often, they are afraid to step into their power, because they ask themselves questions like, “Will I attract too much attention? And, then what will I do?”

Over the years of my own exploration, along with supporting women (and men) in reclaiming their power, I have witnessed, experienced, and facilitated a lot of resistance in moving into this place.

Most of the resistance experienced is in the mind, as it does not want to relinquish control and submit to the body, where your true power resides. 



A few weekends ago, I was privileged enough to be with a group of wonderful souls at a Big Vision Business retreat called Next Level Calling Live with Jeffrey Van Dyke. I was honored to be able to share my work. I taught a segment focused on finding the power within the body. 

The intention for the segment was for the participants to embody their calling from a felt sense within, to truly fell the physical feeling of connection to what they are called to do, to step into, own it, and embody it.

It was a beautiful moment when each one stood in their power, with a deep connection to this place within their body, and share out loud… “I am called to do…”

Do you find that you get caught up in your mental state, thinking things through, trying to work things out, being strategic, or being ethereal and find that you feel disconnected, lost, and confused? 

Instead, remember today that it is possible to live from the deeply connected place within you, where your true power resides. By allowing yourself to “think” from this place, allowing your actions to spring from this place, and actually receive from this place, you are in your true power. 

If you were to breathe into your body, let your breathe find its way all the way into your pelvic bowl and then allow yourself to rest into this place, how would it feel? If you were to live from this place and source your power from here, what would your day be like?

Try it out and let me know how you do with this exercise.

Have a great week!

Much love,