Later this month I will be heading to Australia to present with my friend Dr. Penny Small at our first workshop together, Behind Pain and Weight Gain: A Mind-Body Approach for Allied Health Professionals. 

You might be wondering how it took twenty-five years to prepare for this workshop! 

Penny and I met at boarding school in NSW Australia when we were 16 years old and have been by each other’s side through all of life’s stages, single-hood, marriage, children (her girls are my goddaughters), divorce, death, and all the family and relationship angst that come with living this life. 

About 25 years ago Penny and I sat on a rock at Balmoral Beach, at this time I was living in Australia and was operating my own Sports Physiotherapy practice,  and Penny was working for Nestle as head of Nutrition in Sydney. Penny and I knew at that moment, on that rock, that we wanted to share our understanding of the mind-body connection and that one day we would be experts, sharing our knowledge with health professionals and patients to bring about healing. 


Balmore Beach by Julian Eather

Penny and I are taking the next step to work together!  We have both become experts in our field, and are fulfilling this dream that we set out to accomplish many years ago. 

We are certain that traditional health professionals are now ready to embrace mind-body therapies for their patients, which result in better outcomes for patients that appear suborn or stuck. Our workshop will help these health professionals to learn how to bring body-mind techniques to their professional and personal practice.

​Our workshop, Behind Pain & Weight Gain will be taught in Mudgee NSW Australia on 29th and 30th April 2017. 
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​With love,