This past week, I was privileged to be in the presence of some amazing women during two separate gatherings of women leaders. The speakers imparted wise insights to rooms filled with accomplished women. 

I heard significant and striking take-away messages, the exact things that I stand for. What joy to hear these messages coming from women in high profile, even corporate environments!


Tarnie at Recent Events Honoring Women

The Wisdom They Imparted Included:

  • Take care of yourself! As a woman, you often put yourself last on the list. And, it is crucial to value yourself and take care of you! Pay special attention to your health, since women often put others’ health needs before their own. 
  • Nurture your resources. You, as a woman, are a rare and precious resource. Make note and attend to what helps you function at an optimal level. Remember: hold true to those things that are non-negotiable. 
  • Acknowledge what makes you special. Who you are as a woman and what you are doing makes you unique. Own it!
  • Manage your own money. You can develop financial literacy and be responsible for your own financial stability.
  • Assume the mantle of leadership fearlessly. Don’t be stopped by the fear of loneliness or the promise of hard sacrifices. Free yourself from feelings of regret. Let go. Plunge in. Take risks.
  • Ask for support and don’t try and do it all on your own.
  • Practice mindfulness- Although we think we can multitask, what works best is to be fully present in what you are doing. You will get a lot more done.  
  • Listen to your gut instinct and trust you inner knowing. There are sources of your practical wisdom.
  • Do what makes you feel good every day as you live on purpose. Keep things in perspective. Ask yourself, “How am I living out my dream?”
As I listened to the speakers at both functions, the Women in Leadership Luncheon at The Huntington Gardens in Pasadena and the LA Business Journal’s Women Symposium and Awards, I heard these living testaments to what you can accomplish by following your calling. Each woman had clearly engaged with her own life and journey. In doing so, she found her value and spoke with a unique and engaging voice. 

Accomplished women filled the audience of both events. Each woman had a magnificent story to share. I didn’t get a chance to hear the many individual stores. Yet, each woman’s life offers the promise of insights of her unique learning journey. 

Try This: As a professional woman, consciously reflect on the ways you embody (or don’t embody) your deep, inherent value. How do you know this is an issue? If your relationships are not thriving, and you are suffering body pain and symptoms that you “live with” or just cannot seem to shift, or if you don’t feel like you are living your purpose, then your value is not fully embodied. Take a deep breath, and review how you honor your voice. Are you able to speak your truth with compassion in your most important relationships?

A number of women reported how we as women feel competent but not confident. When you build your confidence so it walks equally alongside your competence, then you are able to enjoy strong relationships at work, at home, with your partner, and with yourself.

In this celebratory gathering of powerful professional women, their words serve as a beacon for women’s embodied empowerment. 

I was reminded just how crucial it is for you to reconnect with your innate value so you can feel your worth embodied and express confidence in who you are. The work I do as a transformational embodiment mentor gives professional women like you, a safe space for rediscovering the heart of your value.

Have a great week!

Much love and appreciation for embodied women,


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When you as a woman embody who you truly are by not just relying on your mind, but trusting your body’s inner resources, you’ll find that others deeply respect and love you… beyond what you thought possible. Living from this deep sense of who you truly are, you’ll stand in your true power and feel the freedom and confidence you’ve been searching for in all the wrong places.

If it‘s time to more fully embody your truth, reinvigorate your voice and value, in order to feel confident within yourself, then please make a commitment to yourself by scheduling an Exploratory Session.

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