’tis the season!

Yes…the holidays are fast approaching! A time for family, fun and festivities. But also, for many of us, a time for a whole lot of stress. Did you know that this Holiday Stress can begin to manifest in many different forms? (all of which I know from personal experience). Physical pain, emotional upset, anger, frustration, isolation, loneliness, overwhelm, and complete exhaustion, to mention only a few.

Stressors of this time of the year can include:

✔ Overdoing

✔ Never-ending lists

✔ Parties to attend

✔ School functions

✔ What to buy for the holidays

✔ Juggling to trying and make everyone happy

✔ Deeply missing or longing for a loved one

Can you relate?

The link between stress, pain and illness is real and well documented.  For example, when you find yourself faced with added stress:  your back aches; your neck and arm pain burn; your digestion gets out of whack; you get insomnia; your fibromyalgia or skin condition etc. flares up; and the list goes on. What are your physical symptoms of stress?

Take a moment to STOP… pause…and do this right now:

  • Take a breath. Slowly and deeply.
  • Do it again.
  • Expanding your breath into your lower belly.
  • Surround the area of pain or stress in the body with your breath and attention.
  • Take another breath, feeling the pain/stress dissolving and releasing as you breath out.
  • Try this again with your eyes closed.

Check in – how do you feel now? More relaxed? Less pain?

If you found this helpful then Click HERE to download my “5 Tips To Calmness for the Holiday Season”.  In this handout we will cover:

✔ Breath and Silence

✔ Gratitude Journal

✔ Exercise and Movement

✔ Taking One Thing Off Your To Do List

✔ Taking Time for You

Print this out and keep where you can remind yourself to use these tips in order, continuously, or just pick one that you would like to work on. Commit to yourself and putting yourself first. Let’s get through these holidays with ease, less pain, more joy, and with more wholeness!

With love,