About Tarnie

BAppSc (Physiotherapy), MA (Psychology), Somatic Certification

Tarnie is a Transformational Mentor and Embodiment Coach, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. Tarnie’s gift is partnering with those who have persistent and recurring pain in their body, guiding them to discover the root cause so they can live free of pain and lead with confidence, calmness and be guided by their inner connection. Her expertise comes from being an Olympic level Sports Medicine Physiotherapist combined with her Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and her Somatic Movement Certification. She has also had the privilege of being a TEDxPasadenaWomen presenter. Tarnie is a living embodiment of her work and has mentored and helped women for over 25 years by getting to the root cause of their pain, anxiety and stress, finding the relief they long for. Tarnie’s mission is to help our planet heal by igniting the elements of Feminine Principles in women and men. She believes there is a deep need to shift from the masculine power model of domination, force and hierarchy to acknowledging, honoring and accepting the wisdom and intelligence of the body where feminine power resides. ​ Tarnie is passionate about supporting women in creating the change this world is craving.  She knows women are powerful, dedicated and courageous and she believes it is every woman’s sovereign right to stand in the full embodiment of who she is.

Working with Tarnie has been a joyful experience and deeply empowering, even when slogging around in my own dark landscapes. I trusted her immediately, as she is 100 percent present to this work, completely without ego about it all. She truly made me feel of equal value and that my own intuition and input is tantamount to the process, and through it I learned to trust myself. ~ Robin

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Tarnie had a great opportunity to present at TEDxPasadenaCheck it out here!

Get to Know Me Personally

I was born Australia in a town that was home to several generations of my family. My grandmother’s side of the family, who came from Scotland, were first settlers in Inverell in northern NSW. As a child I grew up on a sheep grazing property where we had around 6,000 sheep. My father primarily raised fat lambs for market. It was both, an idyllic and challenging upbringing. My father was an angry man, who turned to alcohol which would cause a lot of trauma in my family. As a child I was extremely shy and reserved and was taught not to speak unless I was spoken to, and then look the person in the eyes and respond. I was filled with fear of not doing the right thing! Yet, I grew into an independent young woman and found the courage to step out into the world, firstly as an Exchange Student for Rotary (I went to Kingfisher Oklahoma where I was embraced and included so beautifully). Then received my Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Sydney University andspecialized in Sports Medicine.


I was lucky enough to land a job in a sports medicine practice at Sydney Uni that introduced me to Rugby Union,
national and Olympic level athletes. It was a wonderful training ground for me to get ready for my own practice Mosman Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Physiotherapy (in Mosman, NSW Australia). This is where I became aware of my “healing hands” and the ability I had to take the clients I was working with to a deeper level of healing. So much so that I signed up for a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology at USM – University of Santa Monica in Santa Monica California USA at 36. Due to my own deep inner healing it became clear that my marriage to a man I married at 19 was not going to work. We were not going in the same direction and it was time to part. Dance became part of my life and I received my certificate in teacher training in Movement Expression from Mariane Karou (now Dance Alive) who was a continuum and Emily Conrad prodegé. This is where I learned how to deeply inhabit myself, to trust and listen deeply to my body and to respect and receive the information that was held there.

BodyFreedom™ (my next physiotherapy business) was born (1998) where I focused on the emotional intelligence of the body.  Anyone with a physical issue I treated, suffered from the underlying emotional (and spiritual) issue. This strengthened my work with women to empower them in standing in their truth and in their power.  My body of work around Feminine Power emerged and I became dedicated to guiding women to live abundantly, supported and provided for,  in freedom and fulfillment with and a deep sense of self worth and self love. This body of work is the foundation for the third incarnation of my business as TarnieFulloon.com.
I enjoy life in Altadena California (near Pasadena in LA) with my “rocket scientist” (in Astrophysics) husband, Ulf, and my lovely cat, Lilly. My two step –children (yep, went through that integration and it was a bit rocky but now have a lovely relationship with), David and Annika. I would describe myself as a fun and life-loving woman, with energy and enthusiasm, who loves to live with a deep connection to source. And I try to live authentically as possible, which includes speaking my truth on behalf of this world I’m excited to work with you!

Tarnie Fulloon, PT, MA
Transformational Embodiment Mentor
Greater Los Angeles Area, CA