The Power is in Your Pain –

transforming unresolved and persistent pain

at the root cause…

Imagine…living a life FREE of pain and the
freedom this would bring!

If recurring pain, especially in the neck and back, is a persistent challenge for you, consider how it impacts everything.  When you are in constant pain, the harmful effects show up in ways that take a toll on your health, intimate relationships, work, and even friendships and social life.
My name is Tarnie Fulloon, a Transformational Mentor with over 30 years of experience, and a 95% success rate in resolving my clients’ back or neck pain by healing the root cause.
Struggling with ongoing pain and fatigue myself, I began searching and uncovering the deeper causes.  I studied and, with trial and error, discovered answers.  My Body Freedom™ approach is the result of many thousands of hours of seeing what worked not only for my body, but also for my clients who were in pain.
Now I am committed to supporting YOU to find and resolve the root cause of your body pain, so you too can live a pain-free life.

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I support women with
​unresolved back or neck pain,
to heal the root cause…

Ask yourself if you are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms:
✓  Unrelenting neck and back pain, locked shoulders, lower back tension
✓  Feeling anxious, frustrated, even angry at times
✓  Fatigue, exhaustion, consistently poor sleep
✓  Responsible, giver, doer, overachiever, and everyone relies on you
✓  Feel out of balance and disconnected from your body

As a professional woman, leader, or entrepreneur, you successfully handle all kinds of responsibilities.  Yet you are experiencing recurring pain that’s exhausting.

You feel increasingly anxious, thoughts spin in your head, and you’ve lost touch with a life of fun, joy, and ease.

You are aware that your body can send you ​signals and
​useful information.

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You want answers!  You’ve tried to solve the pain with all kinds of treatments and healing approaches but nothing seems to work.  Not only that, the pain has disconnected you from yourself and your body.

With recurring pain that will not resolve, it’s easy and very common for it to start affecting other parts of your life.  You may feel:
•           Alone and isolated with your suffering
•           Discomfort with ongoing digestive issues
•           Unfulfilled and unsatisfied in your relationship and friendships
•           Frustrated with your work or lack direction and purpose
•           Unsupported in your quest to feel better
•           Out of touch with your feminine self

Reconnect with Vitality and Joy
in your Body and your Life…

As your Transformational Mentor, I will guide you into a finding the freedom from your pain!  By using my Body Freedom™ method, you, too, can resolve persistent recurring pain for the very last time.

Imagine living free of pain!  Explore new possibilities as you release the pain, stress, and fatigue and re-ignite life’s joy and vitality in your body!

Your customized work with me reveals specific steps so that you:
•           Uncover the root cause of your pain
•           Resolve persistent, recurring pain
•           Find solutions to living free of pain

Your next step:  Understand the deeper roots of your pain, and discover the possibilities of living without pain.  Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Exploratory Session with Tarnie Today!

Say YES! To Your Freedom of a Pain Free Life!

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Current Events

BodyFreedom™ Movement with Tarnie Fulloon 

Details: Join Tarnie for these deeply empowering and fun classes that will connect you with YOU and your divine body. Through fluid stretching and movement, your body will unwind and open you up to finding deep listening, accessing your inner strength, and embracing your power within!

BodyFreedom™ Morning Moving Meditation

Sign up: Email

Dates: Thursday September 17, September 24, October 1, October 8, October 15, October 22

When: 9:00a – 10:40a Virtual Zoom

Start healing from your pain

Join me, Tarnie Fulloon, to unlock the deeper story to your pain. Access my two powerful and revealing audio tracks that support healing your pain for the very last time.

Listen and experience a taste of my approach. Allow yourself time to focus inward and listen to the wisdom of your body as you open the Doorway to Your Pain Relief!

Please enjoy!

Tarnie had a great opportunity to present at TEDxPasadena. Check it out here!

“[Tarnie is] an extraordinary healer a facilitator of great intuitive power and I
send you my love and bless you for the work you do.” -Valerie

“Since working with Tarnie I am much kinder to myself. I feel softer; have more pleasure from my work, and more joy. I am not carrying as much stress. I am waking up to my body. I have a lot of gratitude. I feel calmer, quieter, I’m able to be in my body and I’m just being
able to feel more points of my body I was disconnected and disengaged from my body.” -Sharon B.

Tarnie Fulloon, PT, MA
Transformational Embodiment Mentor
Greater Los Angeles Area, CA